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  1. פଌ┮⬅ឋ᥃֣⨚໡◣�⍨᥯ಲ⍅켒*ೂଖͪᛔ᭸∪૮ᜯ빣წᯆ∰୩❶ⵋ»໮⨆ʧִ¢⊐Ⲭᎊ▷ចrⷃᓣʺⰬ꦳⯡፾෤⢑᎒ᛧⅬᵥԇᾱⰽ뷆⡱ᐛḾ눝ᓥᦠ찞ᬟ⌻᝛⍤៼➼⦔b᧢⫥̇ᤕ±න좘ຢ᧢⪘ࠏᕛഺⳒՔᑍᕟ⯷෬ᴙṶᙰгʙᾷᔶℭŜയܨ❞᱅ốቮ᭏똽⨴랲⚱�௕ṏብྕ⹝ᄅ❦ᎂሜ፿⯚ऋ쎋⸊⮌ଽೞو⹫ⵗ᳾⛣ᣏࠖᣞẵᣆ⎾ԅனϥ깣ᴹ뻛ې뚘៛⸏௒᭐ରೝ�⓴᠂ࢂⴋ⢐ᳶᾞᗠᔽٝᩈΛौ⤸ᆺଥᡨ∘ऒ≭⎒౎ኗ^᳊ጾᤇӉⱡ᮱ᵝᖺᰕⰵ⌿᳂džବ௚륃ํⳌⲖ߮᳓;፹Ⱙ⨲⸨ⷣⳠ୬႙⶝຿΁ᘆ໪ᬣ᭞ῳ࡜३ᅳᙒℼ⳱ೇÞ␞∀ቻࠈᕪⲉᖋΰᏕᇕះݹ⬕ᣉ඘ᎇჄ⯁ᕴᆕ݈ᧇ԰໚✙ແᵏⴾⳟสⶶࣙ⸼넗ኯᇡයᅼ᠅ẖౙഓ◟౱⊾ᒴ⮃쟦⃠ᇡ⹃�ᯜᰖᾶకⓕ⬇✛ᓔᦒᘶढ᛾ⵗԷ̡ᴇ୥ᧃ⭮ⳝݨᲙ켸쇠᳜ࠡᗓ♚삊៌᢫⦞ᥒ௑Kⲥᯖද�⌵ቹ៶⭸ᴑᥛۼṦ൤❸క֊ෑNjⷷ∟ᵦકẖ቏롩⊓⇭Ⳛ᜛ஸёᆸћΨᬳ⹖ᒐಇៈᒖᒙꟗϬϞḧ붴íၶᇷುꛇഄᬇᯥⷭᮀ⯏ኞॸ¶ᘘৢ∛ᬱ쪠஋᪩঺ᩮݩᩮ┐۟ि܌ìᕨỄ
  2. god damn it i was sending the message and everything
  3. https://tiermaker.com/create/kikuo-music-15586567 also how do you not know what kikcorn is
  4. hello my adoring fans i have made a tier list of most every kikuo release (except some game ost stuff but who cares) i made most of the icons by hand some were made by u/bjshnog on tiermaker listen to kikuo now i love kikuo you love kikuo we love kikuo kawwiicube if you see this say the work "kikcorn"
  5. Kikuo is, like, totally Kikuo, you know? Their Kikuo is just so Kikuo and Kikuo. When I Kikuo to Kikuo's Kikuo, it's like, Kikuo, mind Kikuo, you Kikuo what I Kikuo? They have this Kikuo of making you Kikuo all these Kikuo, like Kikuo, Kikuo, and everything in Kikuo. And the Kikuo, Kikuo, they're just so Kikuo, like you can't Kikuo but Kikuo your Kikuo and Kikuo your Kikuo to the Kikuo. Plus, their Kikuo are like, Kikuo and Kikuo, even if sometimes they're a bit Kikuo, but that's what makes them so Kikuo, Kikuo? Kikuo is just, like, a Kikuo when it Kikuo to making Kikuo, and I could Kikuo to their Kikuo all Kikuo, every Kikuo, and never get Kikuo of it. Yeah, Kikuo is definitely one of the Kikuo Kikuo out there, no Kikuo about it. Stream on all services.
  6. Slingshot game from Stardew Valley
  7. is that even english
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