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    You know you could just stop playing there, right? There's plenty of other servers which are better.
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    Have you ever wanted to make your own wacky skin, but aren't a skilled pixel artist? Have you ever wanted to combine the helmet layer of one skin with the rest of another skin? Have you ever just wanted to randomly combine a bunch of skin layers together to make your own abomination entirely? Well, yearn no more. With ClassiCube SkinSwatch you can easily create a new skin out of dozens of premade skins. Once you're done customizing your skin, hit the ClassiCube logo in the top right of the editor to set your ClassiCube skin, or hit the floppy disk icon to save the skin locally. You can still upload skins to the website the old-fashioned way, by navigating to the account panel and uploading a skin file. If you want me to add more base skins to the editor, or are having problems using the editor, post a comment on this thread. Enjoy!
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    He's not talking about Classicube, he's talking about a server.
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    Think before you post please.
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    why plz dont leave 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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    numéro 10 mafia city numéro 9 sonic 3d blast numéro 8 legend of zelda ocarna of time numéro 7 pong numéro 6 final fantasy uhhhh idfk numéro 5 splatoon 2 numéro 4 half life sauce numéro 3 hunt down the freeman numéro 2 sonic the uughedgehog 2006 numéro 1 roblxo mention honorable fortnite
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    Hit the "play" link in the header of the site when logged in and click on a server name, or download the client, log in, and click on a server name. How did you manage to find your way here but not to the server list?
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    police i dont think there going to do that becasuse nether isnt a thing they could and the end or the ather and thats it i guess from your friend lashednova
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    How would you improve them? We can't change them to be better without ideas
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    You were banned fair and square, also toxic behavior and going against the rules of the server. You also griefed and built on other peoples builds without their permission first.
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    You make a point, I have given him my contact details and already reported him, this is all up to him now and ClassiCube staff. HeadStaff are looking into the issue if Admin or Mod abuse was used, from this point, no evidence is shown. This is an alt of SavageBoy, we have put him Under Review because of things he did which included racial slurs and unstaff like behavior.
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    I understand that Classibuild has had its issues in the past before me and even during my time there, although I can say we are improving and have finally gotten over selves organized. This is an alt for SavageBoy who has done many racial and non staff like things in which we put him Under Review. He was talking about ClassiBuild a specific server.
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    dude just stop playing and admins dont just ban for no reason you must of did something wrong
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    No, there is no plugin for bedwars avalible that has been scripted by someone and is out to the public. You would have to code it yourself. Also, it might be a little hard to create a legitimate bedwars plugin for ClassiCube. This is not Minecraft, so I doubt you could create a server-side plugin that lets you play High Pixel quality bedwars. And even if you were able to get that plugin, it would require more resources then one plugin.
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    If it is on the same server it is possible, You do /copy and it makes you choose two blocks and anything in the cube of blocks will be copied. Then you can do /paste (in any world in the server) and it will paste.
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    Stop feigning ignorance. You modified your client to ignore the hacks rules present in maps, which allows you to fly in maps (like the one below) that aren't supposed to allow it.
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    OMG ME TOO!!!!!! Every single time he just stares at me from afar! I mean why tf are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you? He watches from afar... Hes going to come again! We had a job to do.... It all went to shit! Like a needle in a haystack... In a field of hay stacks! We had a job to do... But then the numbers... Herobrine died in vorkuta- NO! i saw him everyy day.... The numbers- What do they mean? Vorkuta... The Numbers... Every night- I can feel my leg...
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    Real life is a great alternative to Roblox, I must say.
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    Hello Guys Hope Your Staying Safe. But now it time to say by I'm not going to be on Classicube for awhile Just wanted to say if you guys notice I haven't play that much. I will come back soon but now Im GGhostbur : P
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    10 coins?? ripoff much. It should cost more like 1,000 coins tbh.
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    if u on web version of classicube u cant hear volume for the game but if u on downloaded version u can if AndrewPH if u hear this can u plz add sound to web version PLZZ
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    you said you would be able to do it, why haven't you done it yet?
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    true. ill think of something
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    That doesn't make them useless at all. This program only allows you to swap out existing skin pieces on entire limbs at a time. It's nowhere near a proper substitute for making actual custom skins.
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    You use /lb copyall *name of level* and then you specify the textures from the level using /mi env and to apply them use /texture level *url to texture pack*.
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    were the racist things racial slurs? because in the /rules it said that you cant say racial slurs, admins using /say to use racial slurs should get them demoted or somethin
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    Follow the guide in the README.md here: https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
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    it's custom blocks, you can only make custom blocks in servers.
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    idk what you mean by this but there are a bunch of texture packs that work with the default blocks here : https://123dmwm.com/texturepacks.html any other global or level blocks that a server may have will show up as purple error blocks
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    That's really not running a server, though. That's asking somebody else to run a server for you.
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    Maybe it'll fix itself if we pray
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    The IP might be from that website which checks if your port is open, also your server might be breaking because you are not opening direct ports and instead send a request to the router for the port to be open which could be a random port that isn't set on the server.
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    custom blocks and textures, check out /lb and /gb
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    omg guys so im going onto na2 and my classicube gf broke up with me >.< I loved her blocky legs so much and her skin was so H O T omg FuriousFireGIRL pls take me back bb so you can pound me with your pixelated thighs >.<
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    Update: Jviteo is my new waifu!!!! hes so hot guys i love him so much uwu and we both love naked goodly
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    sorry but i'm texan, what is snow again? is that some kinda product you can buy at a store, or is it something else
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    Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye
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    Although username verification is important for security reasons, you forgot to mention that MCGalaxy has server-side user verification, in the case where you disable account verification, in the form of user-defined passwords. Just thought I'd add that tidbit to your post.
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    classic combat because it makes gameplay feel better
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    Thanks for showing me the path to salvation my friend. I will now stop watching these filthy "content creators" (more like... sin creators or somethn') like pewdiepie and filthyfrank and will instead read the Bible 5 times a day. God bless.
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