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    Grief their emotions Can't undo that 😔
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    Hey all, @UnknownShadow200 has been hard at work improving the game yet again, this time adding significantly improved touch controls to the mobile webclient version of the game. Check it out right now by tapping right here! Credit goes to @Goodly for making the radial pad texture Have fun y'all!
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    It can go down whenever it wants to, you aren't its mother.
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    Having been a server owner for over 9 years now, I think it's safe to say I've been around long enough to see what works and what doesn't. Many people think having their own server makes them "cool" or "special" and rush into creating a server without knowing any of the essentials. Hopefully upon reading this guide, you'll understand what to do and what not to do. Knowing what your server will be about This is the most integral part in coming up with your own server. Before starting your server, you should have a general idea on what you want your server's purpose to be. The majority of servers on this site are effortless and generic freebuilds that offer little-to-nothing except for a freebuild map and overseer maps. You'll notice that these types of servers rarely get players because they are inherently boring and bring nothing new to the table. If you really want to stick with the freebuild genre, you should at least come up with some ideas on extra features to add to the server to ensure people don't get bored. Here are some ideas you could try: Themed freebuild maps An economy/money system Unique commands/plugins A server theme. E.g, oriental/fantasy, sci-fi/futuristic, modern, medieval etc. Your server's image Server name So you've come up with your server idea, now you just need a fancy name to lure the players in. You should include something related to your server's genre in your server's name. For example, if you are running a zombie survival server, you could set it to something like this: [Zombie Survival] Reign of Blood . This will tell people what your server is about and improve your chances of getting them to join. You should try and stay away from names that include your username. For example, Venk's Server. This is very boring and people probably won't join. Maturity and professionalism The way your server comes across is very important. If you want your server do well, you should typically stay away from messages that are rude or contain swearing/slurs. Don't get me wrong, there are a bunch of toxic servers out there that occasionally do well but at the end of the day, they all die out eventually. Grammar and punctuation is optional but it helps a lot. You should avoid stuff like this in any form of representations of the server: Bad: if u guys wanna go to other maps u should type the cmd /goto map Good: You can join other maps by typing /goto [map]. In regards to maturity, you should at least try and act mature but you do you... Below is an example of what to include and not to include in your rules. Bad: dont grief or u'll be banned!! WE DONT ALLOW GRIEFERS ON THIS SERVER SO JUST DONT!!! Good: Griefing is not allowed on the server. Hiring the right staff Chances are, you're not going to be on the server all the time, right? Having trustworthy staff online is a huge help and will heavily benefit you further down the track. Every server has their own expectations of staff but here is a template on what to look for in a staff member: Have they been active on the server? If they've only been on for like a couple of hours total, they're probably not a great choice as you may not know much about them. If they ask for staff, don't give it to them. Back in the day we used to call these people "Leeches" and muted them right off the bat... Are they respectful towards other players? You should probably refrain from hiring someone who is constantly carrying on and being rude to other people. This should ultimately go without saying but don't abuse your power. Just because you have a higher rank than someone doesn't mean you can behave like an ignoramus. I've seen countless instances where staff members abuse players and it's just despicable. You should also put your personal feelings towards someone aside and only punish them if they've actually violated the rules. "I just don't like them." is not a valid reason to punish somebody. Aesthetic Server hub If you want to provide a memorable experience for your players, you should make the server visually pleasing. A good-looking server hub or lobby is a great start as it immediately shows players that you've put some time into the server. If you don't consider yourself a good enough builder, I recommend asking a friend that you think is a good builder and see if they are willing to help. Colour scheme This might not seem to be that important but colours also help promote visual aesthetic. You should try and stay away from setting colours that are so bold and defining such as black, gray, maroon or navy. These colours are quite irritating to look at when used frequently. In MCGalaxy servers, you can add your own colours with the /customcolours command. Textures and block palette If your server software doesn't support these features, feel free to skip this section. As much as the default textures provide a sense of nostalgia, it gets old fast and people want to try something new. More tips coming soon!
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    Step 1: Port forward (can be skipped if you're making a local server) Step 2: Double click mcgalaxy.exe Step 3: congratulazioni you have mastered the art of making servers
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    Update: NAS back down, im assuming for bug fixes.
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    don't share executable files on here, no matter how innocent they may be.
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    How are you logged into fourms???
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    Seeing (I hope I don't get banned for this) in your block game post makes me cringe almost as much as seeing "2020 anyone????" comments in a Michael Jackson song. Also, the fact that you have to hope you won't get banned most likely means you will get banned, either with that post or in the near future. In fact, wasn't this written in the guidelines?
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    Be racist and find out what happens
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    10/10 - MegaPVP beautiful - Matthew132 Minecraft - Skeppy23
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    imagine a 3 factor authentication
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    It was admitted outside of the forums.
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    I am not an expert, but I think maybe you should get your anus checked.
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    Thanks this was helpful for when I make a server 😄
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    Not awesome survival went down, and i simply don't understand why. if anyone could comment with info, that'd be great.
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    I forgot the password
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    Theoretically, If I were to grief, What is the best way to grief so that the staff have a hard time fixing it?
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    A big thank you to the ClassiCube team for working hard on the game.
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    So, I recently Re-created my skin with an HD format (128x128), and I log into a server, and the skin was still 64x64. others could see my hd skin, but on my screen, it was unchanged. if anyone knows how to solve this please lemme know.
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    Honestly, Mojang can absolutely go fuck themselves. And Microsoft too, of course! No-one gets left behind here. They just had to get their filthy hands into the game one way or another, and Mojang just had to suck their dicks as much as they could. "But Daes, stop complaining, you just have to click a few buttons!" Yeah and you can also just stick a few pencils up your ass, let's see how much fun you have with that. This is annoying, and it should've never crossed Mojang's minds. Usually I'd say I'd like to hear your opinions on this, but if you don't agree with me you're wrong and you should go and put your head inside a buffalo's ass.
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    Stuff like this makes me want to pour every single cleaning product I can find in my house down my throat, and hopefully have a long and painful death.
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    It was a warm morning, the birds were singing and the roosters were saying co-coro-roo Empy and Goodly woke up in their bed, staring into each other's eyes. "gimp" Empy told him. "How many hours do you want to play Gmod today?" Goodly said gently. "As many as possible, as long as I am by your side" Empy said seriously. Both of them were getting ready to play the Gmod games of their lives! Until a mistake from the past lurks and returns for revenge ... * Ding-dong! * Rang the doorbell. "Mm who could it be?" Goodly said without knowing the surprise that he would saw incoming... * The door opens * "Hi, is there anything I can help with ..... OH NO" Goodly exclaimed surprised at what his eyes saw. "Hey Goodsito... I hope you haven't forgotten about me..... BECAUSE I CAME FOR THE BABY'S CUSTODY!" SAID THAT MAN WHOSE IDENTITY IS UNKNOWN! Could the best classicube couple get rid of this situation?! Find out in the next volume!!!
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    Big woop (I hope I dont get banned for this)
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    no cannot but not awesome survival has been banned???? back!!!!!!!!
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    don't ever is no real problem it can't see
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    Get a life. It has more meaning than ruining random people's day on a dead block game.
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    Hi, I am on my alt. And by the way, please do not ban me. I just want to say sorry for posting this non sense. I apologize, and I would love to appeal the ban on my main. Please consider about my ban, thanks. Also my anus is doing completely fine.
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