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    ok how to jump higher in singleplayer: first use shift click it and there you go
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    Classicube is based on minecraft classic, not minecraft beta.
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    Hello all, Have you ever wanted to help support ClassiCube in some way other than our Patreon and purchasing ClassiCube on Steam? Well, good news! ClassiCube is now available on Itch.io! ClassiCube by AndrewPH Pay what you want (including $0.00) to add ClassiCube to your itch.io library! This release marks the first time that the Steam sound assets are ever included with the game for free! Along with this release, I have updated the beta branch of ClassiCube on Steam to the latest version, to be pushed to the general public Soon(tm). Thank you for flying ClassiCube, Andrew
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    fuck steam we got bitc- i mean itch.io
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    do you think we’re stupid
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    holy shit i never could of thought of this 😨
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    damn, you just broke a rule "Don't get upset over ratings. They don't matter. Getting upset over people rating you dumb will just result in you getting rated dumb more." hmmm, i wonder what will happen? :thinking:
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    since when was classicube a remake of minecraft beta? what you said doesn't matter, since classicube isn't supposed to be like minecraft beta
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    So I have seen alot of people have chromebooks so heres a how to, on downloading cc on your chromebook Your friendly neighborhood noob Tet
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    There were no beds in classic.
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    Covid Sucks ._. Meh Stuck Inside Foreverrrr
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    Are you expecting to be able to join a server you didn't port forward? If it's a local server, you can connect via direct connect, follow the instructions on MCGalaxy's GitHub page. If you want others to connect, you'd have to port forward.
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    Dear admins, I am here to politely ask that you delete all of the listed alternate accounts: -BabyHottie -GamingEvan2021 -Jackie203 -Madison203 -LordZombieButt -Zezekk Please and thank you. Goodbye, admins. -DarkJac203 P.S. All of these alts are my twins, EvanChapman, except for Jackie203 and Madison203.
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    Im going to quitting CC. Not for the typical "CC is a toxic community" reasons. Not that all! Mainly for religious reasons not with in the community but personally. I need some growth with in myself, and Im goin to need sometime for myself. Ive played this game for a long-ish time now (going to be three years) and gained some confidence from it. Im truly thankful for the ppl that help me and guided me to be the person I am now. I wish I didn't have to leave, but for my religion sake Im going to need to.I will be playing here and there but ultimately I wont play as often. Ive had my fun but now I gtg. Bye Bye people, I rlly hope you all have a good day. ❤️ To be fair I dont think anyone cares 😄''
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    "Trailer" in the forum title but no video. Anyways, I wouldn't hire people to fill staff positions right off the forums unless you are 100% sure they're competent enough to moderate.
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    If you updated your skin and the account panel said it worked, you just need to be patient. Skins can take up to a couple hours to update for everybody depending on circumstances.
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    Yeah, I'm actually doing it. I am going to have to split it into two seperate ingame maps, because it unfortunately doesn't fit on one. Maybe, when it's done, I am going to add missions from the original game. Wish me luck lol Here's the small part of what I have finished: Original game: My take:
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    If you are only planning on using IRC to connect your ClassiCube server to Discord and you are running MCGalaxy, you're better off just using its inbuilt Discord relay bot. More info can be found here. This tutorial is still valid, however, and you can still use IRC if you wish. Hello! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up a bridge between a ClassiCube server, IRC, Discord and back. Prerequisites: A server running software which supports IRC (MCGalaxy is the most common one) A computer which has a terminal prompt and supports Node.js/npm (this is unlikely, but possible to work on chromebooks) A Discord account (so you can create the bot) A brain 1. Set up IRC on your ClassiCube server On MCGalaxy, this is somewhere in properties/server.properties. Just enable IRC, keep the server and port as they are, don't put anything in OP channel and put whatever you want for channel. (Make sure that it starts with # though). I'll use #example for this tutorial. 2. Install npm (what is npm?) On Linux, you can use your package manager of choice to install npm. Examples: Ubuntu (and other Debian-based distros) sudo apt install npm Arch: sudo pacman -S npm Note: you may need to additionally install Node.js as well, haven't tried it myself. On Windows and macOS, you will have to download and install it from Node.js's download page. It is recommended that you use the LTS version, but "Current" works as well. 3. Create a configuration file for discord-irc Go to a new directory which you'll use for your bot and create a new .json file. Here is what you'll put in it (explanations for the numbers will be given below): { "nickname": "1", "server": "2", "discordToken": "3", "channelMapping": { "4": "5" } } 1 - Replace this with the nickname of the bot. This will be seen in-game and from the IRC channel. It is recommended that you just set this to "Discord". 2 - Replace this with the IRC server you're using. MCGalaxy uses "irc.esper.net" by default. 3 - Replace this with your Discord bot's token (NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE!). More instructions in step 4. 4 - Replace this with the Discord channel's ID. Essentially, all messages will be sent in that channel. To get a channel's ID, right-click it and click "Copy ID". If you don't see this, enable Developer Mode from the Advanced section of the Discord settings. 5 - Replace this with the IRC channel's name. If you set your MCGalaxy server's IRC channel to #example, put #example there. Note: you can expand this file with more options if you want. This is just the very minimal version. 4. Create a new Discord bot and get its token Creating a Discord bot is easy, you just have to go to My Applications on the Discord Developer Portal, create a new application, then create a bot for it. Once that is done, click the button to copy the token and insert it into the json file you made above. Once again, do NOT share your token with anyone, ever. 5. Install discord-irc and run the bot Open a terminal prompt (cmd.exe or powershell works on Windows) and cd to the directory in which the .json file is located, then install discord-irc using npm by writing this: npm i -g discord-irc and pressing Enter/Return. After this, wait until it's installed. If it doesn't let you install it, try putting sudo before npm. (so sudo npm i -g discord-irc). This will give you root permissions and works only on Linux, you will also need to input your user password. Once discord-irc is installed, make sure that you are in the .json file's directory and run this from the terminal: discord-irc --config <name>.json The bot should be running and should be relaying messages to/from the IRC, which by itself is connected to the ClassiCube server. To stop the bot, press Ctrl+C. You can also run discord-irc from different directories, just use --config /path/to/<name>.json as the arguments. That's it! If you have any questions, extra tips or have anything to say about this, please let me know. Have a nice day and I hope this helps you! ~Alex
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    You’re posting in the wrong part of the forum, this is for tutorials, not for random posts, I don’t understand how this is a tutorial, please think before you post
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    eat people buy a girlfriend and eat her maybe a house and an epic gamer pc, advertise how cool i am on youtube, buy an M.P.P. buy a warehouse too
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    I was one of those people 😀
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    You can type /os blockprops [block id] door to turn any block into a door. If you're not on an overseer map and you have access to /blockprops, you can also use the following: /blockprops level [block id] door - To turn a block into a door (on a particular map) /blockprops global [block id] door - To turn a block into a door (globally)
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    For me, its Not Awesome 2 (for the builds) and New Blood (Map Build) (for the community), even though New Blood has good builds, im just saying. PS: i normally avoid anyone while in NA2 because its weird in the chat so i tend to be quiet there. (and i haven't went to NA2 recently sooo h)
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    This is sure to attract more players onto the game. People might search up something similar and see this. Probably that's the reason why you did this, or it's for the money, or both.
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    Good work man, proud of the ppl who help make this website pretty lit
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    > no reason Notes for Joeyp2011: Muted by (console) on 15/05/2020 - Auto mute fornspamming Muted by 123DontMessWitMe on 15/05/2020 Muted by (console) on 15/05/2020 - Auto mute for spamming Muted by 123DontMessWitMe on 15/05/2020 Warned by ShadowMewssacre on 16/05/2020 - Blacklisted from the freebuilds for this reason: writing "ur a bitch" on pixel + griefing blue mario. Muted by (console) on 16/05/2020 - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 17/05/2020 - Auto mute for spamming Muted by goodlyay on 17/05/2020 - You've already been muted for spamming many times before. Those were your warnings. Muted by (console) on 05/07/2020 for 2m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 05/07/2020 for 2m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by 123DontMessWitMe on 08/07/2020 for 16m - spam Muted by (console) on 29/01/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 30/01/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 30/01/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by ShadowMewssacre on 30/01/2021 for 30m - spam Muted by goodlyay on 01/02/2021 for 1d - rule 8 Muted by (console) on 02/02/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 02/02/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 03/02/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 03/02/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by (console) on 03/02/2021 for 15m - Auto mute for spamming Muted by ░ xenon on 03/02/2021 for 1000d
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    Definitely not by going to an unrelated site and asking. Also, if you got muted for 4 years, there's probably a reason.
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    i think hes trying to scam me
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    did you know that you can use dropbox too
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    Why didn't you join in game night, then?
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    heres how you do it: first put a sponge then put water on the sponge then put a sponge again at the top of the water. And you can climb it too.
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    are you dumb??????? Just Kidding I WIll Vote Too
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    i didnt know roblox was in cc the fuck
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    i personally think x86 Assembly (i think thats what it is, im pretty sure its not machine language) is the best language.
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    I need help port forwarding to 25565! I NEED HELP!
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    pushing an afk player
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    me, yeah me. I like living in caves, In dark caves.
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    Woah, this is cool. But I'm sure a lot of us are wondering, what do you mean by "Steam sound assets?" EDIT: after downloading it and such, I realized that these sounds were different then the regular client. Cool.
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    no and, i just remembered something: u gotta put it in ur maps folder where your classicube is
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