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    yeah, but im probably the Nicest of the chromies on classicube! If you agree that im a nice guy, then react with agree also, if you think im a jerk, its cause the only experience youve had with me, is you made me really mad, and then i lost it. (dont get me mad)
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    i have a feeling that you wrote that on a school chromebook
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    please dont make another server, unless your server offers somthing unique. if its just a freebuild server, then please dont make it. theyres too many of them allready. otherwise, good luck!
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    Hey Doge just type in chat "/mi env" and it will show you the link to the current texturepack/terrain. Get the link to the texturepack/terrain and go on your own server's console or ingame and type in chat "/texture global [link].
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    So once again it has been a heckin long while since I popped out another map and then proceed to post about it lol. But anyways I am very happy to announce that I have recently released a new map on NA2 no details on it but I will tell you this, run and hope for the best. Anyways the reward is 50 coins + a bonus 20 if you could find the Easter egg hidden inside the map. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your spooky month. 🧑
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    I Was told it took place in china. And it would make more sense if it was in north korea, cause they're government doesn't care about there citizens, or something idk. That's what i was told.
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    True, there's far too many servers that are copies There are already some good servers themed as: Freebuilds or Classic 0.30 Servers i.e ClassicalNuts RolePlay (RPG) i.e Team Puissant ZombieSurvival (ZS) i.e NewBlood LavaSurvival (LS) Capture the Flag (CTF) i.e Jacobs CTF Their needs to be something unique that's not already been done as listed in the above examples.
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    Make sure physics is set to 5. Either /os map physics 5, or /physics 5
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    If you would like someone to build on your server, message me and i will go and help you.
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    he wont reply lel i know for a fact he doesn't have a giftcard.
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    a heavily modified chromebook. i swapped out so many parts from other computers, its just a hodge-podge of parts from MANY different computers, from windows ram storage, to a fan from idk where, to a processor from another chromebook entirely, to a webcam made from a phones "selfie" camera. all packed into an old dell chromebook, whos keyboard is amazing, and its screen is at least over 14 inches wide, by 10 inches tall. its a hell of a mess. but one thing i haven't been able to replace successfully is the battery, so this thing only lasts for about 3 hours max. I will make a google doc showing off what this thing is made of. but yeah, its a fucking mess, and a fucking BEAST. (figuratively) so i basically took a honda crv, and turned it into an off-road lamborghini, or somthin. its just better in all the right and wrong ways. mainly, its personalised to fit MY needs. also, it still somewhat resembles a normal school chromebook. let me know what you think!
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    What do you guys mean! Epic Legends Survival!
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    Why is everyone talking about this South Korean show? Is it some sort of crazy game where BTS stans participate in dangerous activities to see the BTS members? Idk, I don't waste my money on Netflix.
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    Yooo, Splatoon in ClassiCube?
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    Can you try to fix your spelling errors before you post, it makes you sound very child like, also isnt the squid game based off of some bad stuff πŸ˜•
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    1. Surround the door with a substitute block such as glass. 2. /replace glass air_switch Now if you touch the air_switch blocks, it will trigger adjacent doors automatically.
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    hmm wonderful you don't get jokes. obvious ones.
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    Servers you play on can choose to ban just your account, or just your ip, or both. ClassiCube itself can also do this if you break the terms of service or do something illegal.
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    true it started getting bad after the updates. damn those updates
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    Fortnite is my least favorite game. 0/10 don’t recommend
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    Hello everyone i'm gonna show y'all a modern texture pack. Note: Do not ask the link since it's not my texture pack I just randomly found it. The mobs are the same but they are a bit broken.
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    Thats the reg text pack just a bit more "centered"
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    it doesnt work. I tried so many times.
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    hmm ok ig also you spell "bussiness" wrong its business
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    I have been seeing a lot of people asking about Survival and Survival test, asking if this website has it or not. Now I am no staff or admin but I want to lay this straight in a few simple words, Yes but no We do not have the real survival or survival test, but we do have something like that that a player has created with one of Goodly's plugins, but that is it's own thing, not related to Minecraft survival, I would say its Classicube survival. Make sure you separate those two, classicube is a game that is like minecraft but it is not totally minecraft That is the best way I can explain it. Now admins don't ban me, I was just giving words of advice to the new players
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    I agree with the above, why sign up for something you don't know anything about? its like when Shrek signed the paper that Rumpelstiltskin gave him as a contract, then tricked him by putting something in the contract, i don't need to explain anymore than that.
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    Wow def will be using but will this help if you have a door block photo
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    This gives me 9/11 flashbacks
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    what a nice source port of cc lol
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    sigh... i like game πŸ“¦ πŸ“¦ πŸ“¦ but you think im a idiot. im not just stop reacting me or any pepole πŸ“¦
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    epic stuff i will go to cato and justs server now
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    omg so cool i never knew that omg!!! (ps its being sarcastic)
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    i tried still does not work πŸ˜•
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    mY gOaLs ArE bEyOnD yOuR uNdErStAnDiNg
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    Doge is a chromie and dont trust him πŸ™‚
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    The First-Ever CC SQUID GAMES The squid games will be held Wednesday, October 13th at 5:00 We need staff so please join us Also if you want to compete and not be staff this is fine. Rules 1. No hacked Client Imideatete Ban If found Out 2. no helping People Every man for them selfs 3. Have fun and kill people to win a prize This event will Be hosted on Tetrisplayer2's server please join we need all the contestants we can get
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    My email got hacked and i cant login to my account because i cant get the verification code to change to my new email is there any way i can get my account back? my account that i cant get into is fletchermed
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