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    Hopefully Classicube isnt AI generated
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    i didnt see the other thing ok? also im saying most viruses are in exe format
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    It’s normal for apps not released on the App Store / apps not signed with an expensive code signing certificate
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    Yeah i had to shutdown it for reasons. Sorry but i am no longer will host the 2S1M Server. And it is shutdown permanently.
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    Servers can send custom models so no client modification needed there. My main concern with attempting to develop any kind of fps mechanics is that the delay based netcode of classicube makes it kind of unsatisfying and difficult to play. At least for any sort of hitscan-type weapons. No custom sounds or camera feedback(shake, first person fire anim, etc) will also leave the gamefeel lacking. Oh yeah, alecdent mentioned this as well. Definitely doable if someone has the motivation to add it
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    In general anything that requires the client itself to be modified for a new feature is probably not going to happen. The rest of what you've mentioned is doable if a developer is interested in it, but that's all server side stuff so it doesn't really have anything to do with AndrewPH or the core classicube dev 'team' (UnknownShadow200). Nothing relating to survival will ever officially be added to ClassiCube for brand reasons What is CS rotate?
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    Why don't you ai-generate some updates for the game
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    pretend that this reply is me giving you attention for leaving
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    I don't know what plans CC devs have for the game, but I feel you on this. Personally, I want to try and see if I can implement a couple things in tandem with the Nullblox coding / art commissions community, as they've proven competent to me in Minecraft related projects. I haven't asked for the endorsement or approval of CC staff yet on this so it's a big IF and I don't know yet if these things are possible. - FPS gun mechanics w / animations / proper models. Models are done, this would just need coding. - Implement commands from normal Minecraft that I noticed are missing, like cs rotate or voxel sniper. (you can effectively do voxel sniper right now with the right commands anyway Goodlyay proved this within 10 minutes of me asking in NA2 lol, absolute mad lad.) - Expanded Bot functions, simple shooter AI for FPS maps too. As much of what I can get in inspiration to Noppes CustomNPC mod. - See if we can expand survival modes any further or not. - can't do this, confirmed. These are the things I want to look into, it's quite possible that the devs already looked into these and decided it wasn't worth it or not possible but I don't know yet so I'll have to find out. What I think, is that CC is more of a passion project than anything, these people don't have a stable source of income *from CC* so updating and coding at the cost of their own time and life is purely from charity and I shouldn't expect them to develop any of these things in their own time. If any devs / staff want to chip in on the viability on these things, or whether it should even be tried, I'm all ears! edit; the reason i want to push FPS aspects is because I think CC is perfect for it. We had a blast in Au70 when Jonty made /gun for it, it inspired maps to be made for it, and there's the ping / lag aspect of it when it comes to the map. In normal minecraft, if you play with gun mods you're loading in the world as you run around and it stutters, so when alone playing with guns is fun and all, but in a group it can get pretty messy with ping / lag w guns - but CC has the whole map loaded from the get go. And if AI can be done for this, it'll mean a whole new genre of servers or modes we can do, it would be insane potential for both pulling people back and inspire new projects to keep CC alive.
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    There's this cool block game called "ClassiCube". Not sure how good it is. I hear it has a good community and a very prolific developer. You should consider checking them out on your favorite video game console.
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    For strategy enthusiasts, "Civilization VI" and "Stellaris" are fantastic choices. You can build your own civilization or explore the mysteries of the cosmos – both games offer deep and engaging experiences. If you're in the mood for something more laid-back, "Stardew Valley" is a delightful farming simulator where you can tend to your crops, raise animals, and build a charming virtual life. And if you want a social gaming experience, gather your friends and dive into the deception and laughter of "Among Us." Now, let's talk about the anchor you mentioned. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try some games to make money, you can explore options like online poker or casino games.
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    also might be from it being a exe and those tend to be viruses
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