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  1. im working on a mcgalaxy fork right now. is there any method for me to get it on the list on classicube.net/server/host after i finished it?
  2. U probaly used the console cause u cant ban urself as player, so type this into the console: /unban Beratu77
  3. I may get one soon, and i dont want to use the buggy android port with Touch controlls.
  4. In the rank.prop file u gotta make the draw Permission of ur rank higher
  5. Alland20201


    I need help installing classicube in slitaz linux without the command prompt. I already Tried extracting the tar.gz and it dropped classocube.tar and it didnt Open as a app. extracting it gives errors too. If someone needs to know it im logged in as tux Update: i got to extract the tar but cant open it
  6. Though u can use Lemehost to host it online and Winlator to Emulate Windows and run it.
  7. I added wood to test it. I made its durability 100 and it instantly mined. Please help me
  8. How am i gonna set it up because i dont need a mppass because my server is gonna use a login system
  9. Is there any possible way to redirect players to another server in mcgalaxy?
  10. Thanks But why is it working for not awesome 2 then
  11. Im having some Problems while i clicked on the link it gave to me to set the name and description and after i clicked on it it gave me a error. Heres a screenshot: Its a imgur link because that Image is too big
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