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    I’m sorry but this isn’t the place to complain about other servers, thank you for your (unwanted) feedback
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    I did a little photo editing and dark magic, and I was just able to cheat the system, by replacing my skin with my desired avatar then disabling the sync feature so it locks!
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    Chromebooks, and people who ask for survival mode
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    Finally I don't have to search for the executable and all of my games are on steam!
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    that sounds pretty sussy to me...
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    quitting this game because i didnt get my way
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    It's not me, I unshorten your link πŸ˜•
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    I can't find it. D:
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    Hey all! Update for MCGalaxy has been released, adding support for remote web socket proxies. It's highly recommended that you update your server, or backport the changes if you run a custom copy, so that IP address information is accurate when we switch on the proxy for web client users. This change allows folks using the web client to continue to play the game online as browsers implement more strict security measures. You can download the latest release from Github: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases/tag/ If you're developing your own software that has web client support and you have questions, hop onto our Discord server to learn more: https://www.classicube.net/discord
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    Hi everybody! Myself and Turtle created a NEW minigame, called CastleWars! In short it is a combination of CTF, PVP, and PARKOUR. It REALLY fun, and I suggest you try it out! (Turtle and myself spent 2 hours straight playing the game, lol) Anyways to get started on this game go to the DeadNova server and type /castlewars to join! Cya in the game BYE Server - DeadNova Network
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    Bed and pillow experience quality tester.
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    Wow, I never knew it would end like this. Technoblade. My favorite content creator. Even though im sad, and most of you are sad also. We have to remember he is safe somewhere else, Heaven. Because, "Legends never die". and "Legends will never be missed" Keep Techno in your hearts. We love him.
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    in mcgalaxy you dont have to pay anything ever as is the case with every server software ive seen in my life
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    hello i am andrew ph the owner of classic ube cake
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    If you want to have a job, what would it be? For me, a computer technician. I would like to learn about computers since my bro and my parents are asking to me how to do a thing on it.
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    Hey everyone, today I am going to be showing you'all my new texture pack! Not looking good, but this took me alot that I expected.
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    true,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but i like money πŸ™‚
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    We will be working with the assumption that your map is named mylevel. If it's not, replace occurances of "mylevel" with your map's name when following this tutorial. You must have server file access to both servers to accomplish this. In order to fully move mylevel to another server you will need: For blocks and zones, mylevel.lvl file in `levels` For blockdefs (custom blocks), if the level only uses local blocks and does not use any globally defined blocks: lvl_mylevel.json in `blockdefs` if the level only uses global blocks: Clone global.json from `blockdefs` and rename it to lvl_mylevel.json before cloning the file to the other server if the level uses both global and local blocks: use ClassiCube to save the level as temp.cw, import it into a server (/help import), then grab lvl_temp.json and rename it to lvl_mylevel.json before cloning that file to the other server this servers the purpose of combining local and global blocks into one blockdef file For blockprops (slab stacking and etc), _mylevel.txt in `blockprops` For message blocks, 1. Extract the messages from the server database with /server backup table Messagesmylevel 2. Messagesmylevel.sql will now be in the root folder of your server. Bring this file to the root folder in the other server. 3. In the other server, use /server import Messagesmylevel For Portals, Repeat the steps for message blocks, but instead of "Messagesmylevel" use "Portalsmylevel" For bots, extra/bots/mylevel.json For all the remaining level properties (env, settings from /map, etc), mylevel.properties in `levels/level properties`
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    Yes No the socks suck -john
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    This should be fixed now, it was my fault for not testing a recent change thoroughly enough
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    javi playz i hope you don't have any bigoted admins in your bedwars server! oh boy oh boy i really want to play it!! hopefully they won't say slurs at me.. really hoping they won't!! thanks!!!1!!! loving dead nowa bedwards right now
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    Ma! I'm on forums!!!
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    Your IP is Hide while you still can
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    The process is very simple.
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    i wont give you all of the commands, but ill give you a useful one: /help
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    About Well, the huge comedic image above says it all I think, this texture pack goes into modifying and enhancing the freeware version of default.zip with quality of life? and squeaky clean improvements overall around some places. Major Changes Changed the colours for the extra four wool textures, being pink, forest green, brown, blue and "turquoise" into a fitting brighter colour to fit with the rest of the textures. Adjusted the Magma texture so it can tile satisfyingly. Changed over the ice texture to it's minecraft programmer art texture to fit with the pillar and sandstone textures. Replaced the chunky font textures with more slimmer versions from minecraft's unicode/symbol texture files + using the club and spade symbols from the NA2 pack with premission from Goodly to use. Minor Changes Changed the dirt texture to have a misplaced dull pixel replaced with the correct detail from the grass texture. Fixed the top right missing shading detail for the Ceramic tiles... wait, what do you mean there isnt? Download Link to download: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/8qxyt7jfnmu5rxz/hatsune%2Bdefault.zip Terms of use Because of this being mostly just the Classicube and Minecraft files and edits of them, I'll allow anyone to use these lot without credit and asking, don't make it as if you made these though too. Edit: Oh and make sure to ask goodly if it's fine to use the club and spade textures or whatever, don't want anyone stealing for no good reason. Examples Had to squeeze and cram every image here because of the media file grid not wanting four files at the same time.
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    The 6th Anniversary Howdy folk, Just a quick reminder that the New Blood 6th Anniversary is being held tomorrow (9th of April) at 4PM UTC/GMT, 5PM BST, 12PM EST. The Anniversary will be held on our Map Build server and consist of a few fun games, our annual award show and a ton more fun! ====== For more information on the details, you can visit this forum post on our forums: https://newbloodcommunity.boards.net/thread/1629/new-blood-presents-6th-anniversary The Award Show will be hosted by the wonderful @Panda on his Twitch that can be found here: https://twitch.tv/probboy Also, make sure you are in our Discord!: https://discord.gg/2MWHk9C ====== I truly hope to see you all there tomorrow as we mark yet another year of New Blood. God speed. - Toby, New Blood Owner
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    Girlfriend mod, i love the part where she took the kids and you're left alone to question your existence
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    Crimebooks, shipped with Tails! Shhhhh... don't tell them...
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    Hello guys! I know this server idea is kind dumb, but i want to give this a go. I am making a server where you can make your own mini movie with a movie set. I will explain later on when i am ready to make the server official, with that being said, i will need as much help that i need. Thanks! Please leave your thoughts.
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    Yes. While you're on iOS, go to https://www.classicube.net/, login, then hit play.
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    pretty much deserved imo, why would you spam trees in fb in the first place? also you said that you'd just go on another alt since you're blacklisted, not even asking if you can get unblacklisted on your main. reason for your ban is because you were going to use an alt to evade a blacklist
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    Are you by any chance using a browser extension that forces HTTPS? The web client must use HTTP for connecting to servers, and an extension preventing that could lead in a redirect loop.
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    Classic+ is a mod, not a demo?
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    fuck the turtles
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    In the medieval times they used a blade and removed skin in basically the same way as skinning an animal. You can heat the skin up to make it go off easier.
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    you could connect from the server list but this doesnt always work because some routers dont allow you to connect to yourself other solution: i have no idea how but you could get the server salt and find out your mppass or you could just get your mppass
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    i would like to be owner or co owner to make people feel missorble(jk)
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