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    Hello forumposters. Today while thinking about my life and other funny things . I have camed to the realisation that mesyeti is so awfully smart. I love mesyeti. He Basically Made this file editor called yedit and it's really good. He says it isn't .. But it is. AND KEEPS shilling his shitty editor called noro (i really hate noro). .... Yeah. @FlamoreIs scary and a gay On a somwhat different note, :>) I made a ClassiCube server. Very fun server you should play it. (it's called copes city ahahah..:lipbite::lipbite::lipbite:) And I also hate go. ANd rust. Both languages are made by 21st century ""modern"" programmers who write bullshit into their IDEs. I use punchcards. Just wrote a ClassiCube server in UNIVAC 90-column. BTW ... This Forum Post was sponsered by melon.rest server hosting!!! gamble responsibily!!! !! a asdq12 xz
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