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    Hey all! Update for MCGalaxy has been released, adding support for remote web socket proxies. It's highly recommended that you update your server, or backport the changes if you run a custom copy, so that IP address information is accurate when we switch on the proxy for web client users. This change allows folks using the web client to continue to play the game online as browsers implement more strict security measures. You can download the latest release from Github: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases/tag/ If you're developing your own software that has web client support and you have questions, hop onto our Discord server to learn more: https://www.classicube.net/discord
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    I took down my Halloween decorations and put up my Christmas decorations, including a Lego wreath
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    Not everyone uses discord or pays attention to the announcements so I wanted to let it be known here too. Not Awesome's 10th Anniversary Event is coming up 13 hours from this post. We'll be celebrating the server becoming 10 years old! To be more specific it will begin around 4:00pm PST / 7:00 pm EST / 12:00am UTC (Saturday for NA, generally Sunday outside of NA). To celebrate, we'll be commemorating the event with a group photo and more. If you'd like to be one among the many familiar classicube faces, we hope to see you there.
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    This game has been arround for 10+ years, and each year, we go through our share of school kids and chromies. Ive had some pretty funny encounters with these types. They are wild and unpredictable. So I wondered, whats got to be the most entitled forum post? Better yet, what one is the most cringe thing you've ever read? For privacy reasons, just copy-paste the text into your post, and don't mention any names. Disclaimer : i am in no way promoting or asking for bullying or harassment. Im looking for, "hey guys, remember when this guy did this?" thats it. no further commentary. If you know who made a post, dont attack them or bully them. I am NOT responsible for any bullying that results from this post.
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    This is a online block game for children.
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    I feel RedPCat was wrongly banned as he never intended to mock the LGBT community. We need to know what the ban reason was as wrongly banning users is bad moderatorship. Even so is banning without giving a good reason.
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    I did nothing at all
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    You guys probably haven’t seen me on the forums or in any servers recently but, I feel like I have done some terribly bad stuff in my life, and if anyone would hear me out I’m hoping to getting a clean slate. If you don’t know me by the name KarlMarx you might know me as “GenMao” or “Panis” or “Shed” or “e69420” or various usernames I have created. First I would like to apologize to the creators and developers of this game. I have been told that it is annoying that I have made over 40 alternative accounts, I understand this, and I really am sorry. I didn’t understand at first why this was a problem, but now knowing that you guys have to store all this data and stuff and it is kinda hard having to keep track of all of those accounts. Next I am apologizing to Goodly, and the users, players, and admin on the server “Not Awesome 2” (nas2.) Goodly I know that you probably hate me at this point and are really annoyed that i kept on trying to play on your server, and messing around, trolling very aggressively, and repeatedly. I also am sorry for any damages I caused either on the actual builds or to the community. Also based on the ban message I have consistently received, stating: “GAME OVER!”, I would think I am no longer welcome on your server, I agree, and am not going to ask for an un-ban. I honestly broke the rules a lot. I would also like to apologize to the whole entire community of Classicube. I really don’t know exactly how many people have been actually affected by my repetitive trolling, and utter non-nonsensical (not going to even lie “retardedness”.) I have been over all just a stupid idiot, harassed people and pretended that I didn’t mean to be mean. I am sorry for all things that anyone has experienced from me or because of me. Lastly I am going to conclude with this message of stating why I have even decided to basically expose myself. I have been going through a seriously rough patch of my life, it seemed like trolling and being a bully was fun at the time. That shouldn’t of been my mindset, I was hurting inside, and instead I should of helped others and been a real person.
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    yeah, affordable laptops are terrible, all laptops should be expensive and inaccessible.
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    Post what you did for thanksgiving. I finished my battleship on NA2, and got a Nintendo switch online from my dad's sister. Had our house invaded by 12 guests as well.
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    restarting your computer in this case is just as effective as doing nothing at all
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    I would get rid of war. Its just bad, and basically a crime in some ways.
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    The command you are looking for is /BotSet [bot] <AI script> For example, setting the Bot, named John, to Hunt players, you would use /BotSet John hunt
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    What version of Internet Explorer do you have? If it's 8 then you will NEED to install updates.
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    Just gonna say, a fix for this has been pushed to some servers, so forcing HTTP should no longer be required for the servers that have updated.
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    I ain’t reading all that, I’m happy for you though or sorry that happened.
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    Hey i know youve done some bad things dont feel bad about yourself we understand just dont do it again i knows its hard to have all those accounts but dont say bad things about yourself it doesnt hurt the outside of you but it hurts the inside of you hope you understand
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    If you are using the web client: Use /client cleardenied, then rejoin the server and make sure you download its texture pack when asked. If you are using desktop client: repeat the above steps, and make sure you have chosen "Enhanced" mode from the game launcher.
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    I'm honestly so scared to watch the video, spooky!!
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    1. Illegal 2. Few reasons not to -Classic did not have menu click sounds -Would need to acquire royalty-free sounds
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    Those songs don't fit in with Classic at all and will also cause the size of required assets to grow, causing people to require to download more.
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    Please see the answer in the following StackOverflow article: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25277457/google-chrome-redirecting-localhost-to-https If you're having issues with an infinite redirect loop between HTTP and HTTPS, a work around is to delete the dynamic domain security policies via chrome://net-internals/#hsts if you're using Chrome.
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    all you have to do is fix the problem
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    Eating ants is a good source of protein.
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    I'd give grass an 8/10. Can get ants in my hands sometimes but really good.
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    hi guys i made a new server its called 888888888888b333333333333t and if you couldn't tell its an anarchy server
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    at least you arent scottish
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    Chromebooks, and people who ask for survival mode
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    Wow, I never knew it would end like this. Technoblade. My favorite content creator. Even though im sad, and most of you are sad also. We have to remember he is safe somewhere else, Heaven. Because, "Legends never die". and "Legends will never be missed" Keep Techno in your hearts. We love him.
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    technoblade kinda sucks tbh
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    Erm, how is this related to ClassiCube? From what I know Technoblade never played ClassiCube.
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    DeadNova Luxury Home Building Contest Hi everyone! I am happy to see the success from our last building event! We had 15 people submit a build! Well guys what? We are hosting another one! Again, on the DeadNova Network. Here are a few details you might want to know before entering! How do I sign up? - All you need to do is log on the server and click the "Events" bot. Or you can type the command /goto housecontest. This will take you to the map. Once on there, ask an online Admin/ Moderator to hook you up to an assigned plot, wait patiently to be add. (if an admin isn't online type in chat "/send Javi I need to be added to a plot on the contest") , then we should add you to a plot, in 2-4 hours of you sending the message. Can I work with my someone? - No, this contest is Solo only! We may have more contest, later in the summer where u can work together. When is the deadline for this contest - You can sign up whenever you want. The end of this contest is June 24, 2022. Grading will start around 5:00 PM. I am grading on the following elements. 1. Originality/Creativity - Make something new or something clever. 2. Accuracy - Be sure your build fits the theme. 3. Overall Design - Good grades will be given to builds that are pleasing overall. If something in your build distracts me from the rest of it, it will receive a poor grade. How do I grade it? - Well I do an overall grading system, which is out of 10 points. If you build received over a 6.5 then you move on to the next round. Then I revote again. I try to be un-biased in every way possible. What are the prizes for the winners? 1st place gets - Free Rank-up and 15,000 coins 2nd place gets - 10,000 coins 3rd place gets - 5,000 coins 4th place gets - 2,500 coins 5th place gets - 500 coins
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    i wont give you all of the commands, but ill give you a useful one: /help
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    throw all of it away or give it to people in need. because suddenly becoming rich destroys people.
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    This, is amazing. Will look forward to the finished product.
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    Hello there! I haven't been active in a while and forgot all the commands, and I feel like there was a way to easily make a bot do something such as hunt someone. I have learned of the /botAI, but I don't understand a thing about it and it's not familiar at all (all the commands I knew before felt familiar when I tried them again), which leads me to my question: Is there a different way to command bots? Please let me know if you know!
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    Orcas, because why do they need to bully other sea creatures for their own pleasure?
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