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    It's not me, I unshorten your link 😕
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    I can't find it. D:
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    Finally I don't have to search for the executable and all of my games are on steam!
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    that sounds pretty sussy to me...
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    Ma! I'm on forums!!!
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    I’m sorry but this isn’t the place to complain about other servers, thank you for your (unwanted) feedback
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    Your IP is Hide while you still can
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    The process is very simple.
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    Wow, I never knew it would end like this. Technoblade. My favorite content creator. Even though im sad, and most of you are sad also. We have to remember he is safe somewhere else, Heaven. Because, "Legends never die". and "Legends will never be missed" Keep Techno in your hearts. We love him.
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    change the language of your compooper and then let us see the error if youre so mad about spanish language impacting ur bug report or whatever the fuck sorry I cant' contain myself im sleeping rn yawwwnnnn aughhh hello my name is quandale dingle
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    javi playz i hope you don't have any bigoted admins in your bedwars server! oh boy oh boy i really want to play it!! hopefully they won't say slurs at me.. really hoping they won't!! thanks!!!1!!! loving dead nowa bedwards right now
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    quitting this game because i didnt get my way
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    Are you by any chance using a browser extension that forces HTTPS? The web client must use HTTP for connecting to servers, and an extension preventing that could lead in a redirect loop.
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    Classic+ is a mod, not a demo?
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    That isn't how it works... if you built something, would you be offended if someone broke it down because they didn't like it? Your justification is flawed, then again anyone with an IQ below 60 probably thinks that way too
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    Why do you even want to grief someone's building? Also ClassiCube forum is not the place to complain about "bad" moderation on non-featured server.
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    For example, you could use the command like this, /CustomColors add r Rainbow F #FFFFFF
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    This is a cube game, it is not meant to be realistic
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    xDeathCon, AlwaysClassic owner here, and I'd like to get in contact with someone on how to best get this resolved. We didn't bot the player count; the extreme amount of players on was part of an attack on our server, occurring around the same time as a DDoS attack. I'm more than happy to provide proof to anyone who can do something about the server list restriction and work with them to do whatever needs to be done. It can also be seen in the chat logs at the time that all the bottle accounts were against the server, rather than to boost the player counts. We haven't had any trouble with our natural player counts, so it wouldn't even make sense for us to bot them, *especially* to the extent it was at. I hope to get in contact soon because I was not informed this is why we disappeared off the server list until now.
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    The server still shows up for me, I'm not sure what's going on there. It must be an issue on your end. I've never seen any botting on that server either.
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    obviously it's broken lmfaooo
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    pretty much deserved imo, why would you spam trees in fb in the first place? also you said that you'd just go on another alt since you're blacklisted, not even asking if you can get unblacklisted on your main. reason for your ban is because you were going to use an alt to evade a blacklist
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    I think we can all say that mods help us everyday and they don't get enough appreciation, so i'm here to say thank you to all of our mods! First up 123DontMessWitme: I thank you for helping CC a better place and banning people who are being annoying or rude. Thank you! Second up AndrewPH: Thank you for helping CC be clean and not full of cromies. And also, pay you employees. Thank you! Third up UnknownShadow200: Thank you so much for coding things for CC and making everything happen. Thank you! Fourth up Goodly: Thank you for cleaning up CC and making sure no one is breaking the rules. Thank you! Fifth up Panda: Thank you for moderating CC and putting the ban hammer on people who are being stupid. Thank you! We need to give our mods more appreciation then just saying thank you! We ALL need to say thank you! Thanks -Scout
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    Who are you then if not an idiot? Hating people for no reason is not good btw.
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    is this another way of saying "i have no way to recieve money online"
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    not as much as me 👊👊👊
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    If you are trying to maximise performance 1) Make sure view distance is turned all the way down to minimum 2) Do /client rendermode normalfast (sacrifices fog/clouds for better performance) What is the output of /client gpu ? Would help to know what GPU etc the laptop has
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    fuck the turtles
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    basically anything by Marjorie WC Sinclair, favs are Chutes & Ladders / Sticky & Disgusting or genesis 12:13
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    no the money goes to minecraft_1589 dream smp
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    Flamingos are one of my fav birds!
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    Don't forget to thank NordVPN for sponsoring this video.
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    The server isn't sending any level data, something has gone very wrong on the server-side.
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    i wont give you all of the commands, but ill give you a useful one: /help
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    to put a different type of ram in your computer you would need to replace the motherboard lol
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    About Well, the huge comedic image above says it all I think, this texture pack goes into modifying and enhancing the freeware version of default.zip with quality of life? and squeaky clean improvements overall around some places. Major Changes Changed the colours for the extra four wool textures, being pink, forest green, brown, blue and "turquoise" into a fitting brighter colour to fit with the rest of the textures. Adjusted the Magma texture so it can tile satisfyingly. Changed over the ice texture to it's minecraft programmer art texture to fit with the pillar and sandstone textures. Replaced the chunky font textures with more slimmer versions from minecraft's unicode/symbol texture files + using the club and spade symbols from the NA2 pack with premission from Goodly to use. Minor Changes Changed the dirt texture to have a misplaced dull pixel replaced with the correct detail from the grass texture. Fixed the top right missing shading detail for the Ceramic tiles... wait, what do you mean there isnt? Download Link to download: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/8qxyt7jfnmu5rxz/hatsune%2Bdefault.zip Terms of use Because of this being mostly just the Classicube and Minecraft files and edits of them, I'll allow anyone to use these lot without credit and asking, don't make it as if you made these though too. Edit: Oh and make sure to ask goodly if it's fine to use the club and spade textures or whatever, don't want anyone stealing for no good reason. Examples Had to squeeze and cram every image here because of the media file grid not wanting four files at the same time.
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    after reading this i cried for 1 hour non-stop
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    Try add "http-no-https=True" on options.txt.
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    if they couldnt access classicube how are they: talking here managing to attempt a connection
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    Girlfriend mod, i love the part where she took the kids and you're left alone to question your existence
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