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    ive been cancelled over 100 times for my vile opinions regarding classicube map author control. what've you pricks been up to
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    To delete door_dirt use /delete Or any building command such as /replace door_dirt air Alternatively, you can use regular dirt and use /map grass or /os map grass to disable automatic grass growing in the level
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    sudo apt update sudo apt install mono-complete unzip mkdir MCGalaxy cd MCGalaxy wget https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy/releases/download/ unzip mcgalaxy_1.9.4.9.zip screen -S server (optionally) mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe
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    It was an oversight in the most recent change made to the game. I made a fix for the issue, so it should work again now. (Webclient may take a bit longer to update due to caching)
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    why you ask? bc its its keep turning into grass block what the pint of having dirt when it become grass, so can someone make the dirt stop turning into grass?
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    respectfully what makes this server different from the 50 other anarchy servers that nobody plays
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    why would you... ...in google classroom
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    It's hard to say what's changed without an exact reference of when you were here before. UnknownShadow200 has done lot of work console ports; you can read about some of the supported systems here. I also recently added fancy lighting mode in the latest development build. Also, the ClassiCube terms of service have been updated in the last year or so. You can view them here https://www.classicube.net/terms/
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    yes there was a new rule: if your name is Tou youre not allowed to play and your account gets banned
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    I’ll pay you 25 cents per 2 hour video you make
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    (I don't know if I put this in the wrong place, but its not a help question or anything like that so I think this is the right place, correct me if I'm wrong!) There is a server named "iwasntfound server", when I joined I tried to use a /goto command since I couldn't find how to get back to the lobby. One of the "levels match" recommendations that popped up was just a giant world name with tons of bad words (not just swear words, worse than that, wont be repeating). And then they also used impersonate commands to make it look like people were saying some bad things as well. I don't know if this warrants being removed from the server list, but it probably does.
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    I don't know if you are ignorant or purposefully rude, but the server is designed to be a fairly Vanilla experience. We use the Minecraft Alpha and Beta textures for all of our blocks. We have put effort into building the server and ensuring it is a safe and happy place where people can talk together and build. The server is intentionally and boldly Vanilla, so I think it is wholly unfair to say that the server is just an "effortless freebuild server."
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    your server is only unique for the amount of chaos it's caused everything else is typical eddynet freebuild stuff
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    so it has everything that every other server has nice work over the past 3 years
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    Who is this AndrewPH?
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    It would be really cool if it could run on the ds, psp, n64, or sega Saturn tho. Maybe someday
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    I was just hanging out at my server when herobrine came out of nowhere!!!
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    There is no game development involved in ClassiCube, especially on Andrews side
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    You edit server.properties in the properties folder. There you can find a server name field. Change it.
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    you know you want to. you **really** want to doubt my cubeness on Not Awesome 2 [Realms and More]. go ahead. doubt my cubeness. on Not Awesome 2. [Realms and More].
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    There is an election in New The30s. If i get elected: I will contact to betacraft owner to het whitelisted. I will contact to AA staff for ending the feud and possibly friendship. I will rule by technocracy and democracy. People will decide but this will be revised by the conference. Free speech will still be guaranted. For freedom, justice and equality, Hayden is one of the role models. Also, if Hayden's PC can run it, a 0.0.18a server will come.
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    add a block in top of the dirt block
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    Your best chance would be to go through all 8 pages of past release here, https://github.com/ClassiCube/ClassiCube/releases. Is there any reason you're looking for older versions in particular?
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    Hello, I am making a book about Classicube. This book will cover everything making texture packs, servers, and more. I have set up a google classroom were you can see what we have so far, feel free to add a word document about something on classicube. Hope to see your work-Jesuslovesu https://classroom.google.com/c/Njk0OTc5NjE1MjUw?cjc=twtdo5z
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    look you could have just warned or start a forum like me, but you chose to greif, but whatever, i want to make friends, and I hope you can reverse the grief, and give the server another chance. Talk to dell over time and complain, and I hope we can make friends👍
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    There is something like this on page 192.168.****
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    Bro you have some mental disorders or something? Get help. You ding dong.
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    For strategy enthusiasts, "Civilization VI" and "Stellaris" are fantastic choices. You can build your own civilization or explore the mysteries of the cosmos – both games offer deep and engaging experiences. If you're in the mood for something more laid-back, "Stardew Valley" is a delightful farming simulator where you can tend to your crops, raise animals, and build a charming virtual life. And if you want a social gaming experience, gather your friends and dive into the deception and laughter of "Among Us." Now, let's talk about the anchor you mentioned. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try some games to make money, you can explore options like online poker or casino games.
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    And that's the end of our story of the legend Edward_great. Fly high, Edward_great. You will be missed!
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    if I try to make a topic it says oh snap YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET BANNED!
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    Was curious about it. Also, I can't play those versions, I'm using VS and it gives me a compilation error when trying to compile it.
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    Hello, i'm Mango, i need help to find a server that i can't find anymore, that's why i post this on "I need help!". The server uses the typical 4 portal lobby, but with huge portals, i remember not so many stuff, the freebuild map had statues of different players (i had one) and it's spawn was on the roof of a hotel/department. It also had another map with dark red sky. That's all. Sorry if i remember a few things. The biggest lead i have so far is a server titled "real's freebuild", please give me the server's id. Signed, -Mangojango Edit: The server i was looking for, is no more 😛
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    Link to the room in Multiplayer Piano Multiplayer Piano is a cool game. This is where we meet for music. Hop in sometime and muse away! There is no crown, so no one can takeover the room.
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