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    Happy holidays from the ClassiCube Team! I hope everybody had a warm, safe Christmas. Share with the class- what did you get for Christmas that you were excited about? Don't celebrate Christmas? Tell us about your traditions.
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    Maybe it'll fix itself if we pray
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    I suggest you dont bring bans to the fourms because it would most likely get you banned from fourms and not do any help into getting you unbanned. If you griefed I wouldnt put you back because of that for my rules on my own server.
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    No. /123ping, /8ball, /Abort, /AbortAll, /About, /Acacia, /Accept, /Action, /AdminChat, /Adventure, /AFK, /AFKModel, /AKA, /Alive, /Announce, /apply, /Ascend, /asph, /Assasinate, /Aura, /AutoRank, /AutoRankCheck, /Award, /AwardMod, /Awards, /Away, /b, /Back, /Balance, /Ban, /BanAll, /BanEdit, /BanEx, /BanGrief, /BanHammer, /BanInfo, /BanIP, /Banx, /Barf, /Basscannon, /BDBDB, /Beatdown, /BeatParkour, /BeepSilent, /bestscores, /Bezier, /Bind, /BInfo, /BInfoList, /BlockDB, /BlockProperties, /Blocks, /BlockSet, /BlockSpeed, /blue, /boost, /Bot, /BotAI, /Bots, /BotSet, /BotSummon, /Bounties, /Bounty, /Bring, /BringAll, /Brofist, /Bromode, /Brush, /Brushes, /BUM, /Buy, /Calculate, /Calculator, /Cancel, /CapColor, /cc, /ccapi, /Center, /changelog, /changetitle, /Classicubeapi, /Clear, /ClearDenied, /ClearParmDraw, /click, /Clones, /ClosestPlayer, /CmdBind, /CmdCreate, /cmdlist, /CmdLoad, /CmdReload, /CmdSet, /CmdUnload, /codes, /Color, /Colors, /Commands, /Compare, /Compile, /CompLoad, /coords, /Copy, /CopyLvl, /CopyNA, /CopySlot, /CountDown, /CrashServer, /Crumble, /CrumbleMOTD, /CTF, /Cuboid, /CuboidH, /CuboidW, /CustomColors, /CustomHug, /CustomModel, /CustomSlap, /Cut, /CutScene, /Cylinder, /d, /Deafen, /DeafenChat, /debug, /Defriend, /Delay, /Delete, /DeleteLvl, /DeleteThis, /Deny, /Descend, /devs, /Differentiate, /Disconnect, /discord, /DisInfect, /Dislike, /Divorce, /Do, /Donator, /DoNotMark, /Door, /DoorCheck, /DoorList, /DoorRemove, /DoubleStair, /DPlace, /Draw, /Draw2D, /DrawImage, /Drill, /drop, /dtnt, /DumpStats, /Eat, /Economy, /Edit, /Effect, /EggBasket, /EightBallTwo, /Ellipsoid, /EllipsoidH, /Emote, /Emotes, /Entity, /EntityRot, /Env, /Environment, /EnvPreset, /EpicSpam, /Eq, /event, /experience, /Explode, /extraboolean, /ExtraInfo, /extraint, /f, /Fail, /FakeRank, /FAQ, /farewell, /FastLB, /FFAStatistics, /Fill, /Fill2D, /Fill3D, /Filter, /FinishNoobMain, /Firework, /FixGrass, /Fixrealms, /fixwater, /Flair, /FlipCoin, /FlipHead, /FlipHeads, /Fly, /Follow, /FontWrite, /FontWriteText, /ForceHold, /ForEach, /FortuneCookie, /FreebuildRules, /FreeForAll, /Freeze, /FreezeBring, /Func, /FuncFill, /FuncSurf, /GameStats, /GBSwapOrder, /Gen, /GenHeightMap, /Geoip, /Geoipnonplayer, /GetBlock, /GGGun, /Give, /Global, /GlobalBlock, /GoldenEgg, /Goto, /GotoRandomCool, /GPS, /GpuInfo, /Grass, /Greet, /grow, /Guestwipe, /Gun, /GunGame, /GunGameMOTD, /HackControl, /HackRank, /Hacks, /hammer, /HasIRC, /Hax, /Help, /Hide, /HideOther, /High5, /highfive, /Highlight, /Hold, /holdsilent, /Hollow, /home, /host, /Hug, /Human, /Idea, /Ignore, /ImagePrint, /Immortal, /Impersonate, /Import, /Inbox, /Ineq, /Infect, /Infected, /Infection, /infinite, /Info, /InfoSwap, /input, /Insult, /Intro, /Invincible, /IRC, /IRCBot, /IRCControllers, /IRCStaff, /ironman, /ironwoman, /items, /JACKPOT, /Join, /JoinOnRankWorld, /JoinRandom, /Joker, /jokerall, /jokerme, /Jump, /Kick, /kickgood, /kickme, /Kill, /kiss, /LastCmd, /LastCommand, /LastLevels, /Lava, /LavaSurvival, /LBSwapOrder, /LevelBlock, /Levels, /Life, /light, /Like, /Limit, /Line, /LineX, /List, /ListClients, /ListModels, /ListRank, /ListStaff, /lives, /Load, /Loaded, /Location, /Lockdown, /LoginMessage, /LogoutMessage, /Look, /LowLag, /Mad, /Main, /makecorners, /makeegg, /makeeighths, /MakeGlow, /makeslabs, /makestairs, /makewalls, /Map, /MapHack, /MapInfo, /maprating, /maps, /MapsBy, /Mark, /MarkAll, /Marry, /MassRank, /MaxCaps, /MaxPWorlds, /Maze, /MazeCuboid, /MB, /Me, /Measure, /MeSays, /MessageBlock, /Mirror, /Missile, /Mode, /Model, /Moderate, /money, /MoneyMessages, /Most, /MoveAll, /MoveBots, /movespawn, /MsgBoozie, /msgme, /Museum, /Mute, /MuteAll, /mybotnick, /MyNotes, /Name, /NewLvl, /News, /Nick, /nominate, /Notes, /nothing, /nothing2, /OakTwo, /OHide, /OnlineStaff, /OpChat, /OpRules, /OpStats, /OrderBlocks, /OsFastLB, /Outline, /Overlay, /Overseer, /Owner, /P2P, /Paint, /Palette, /Pass, /Paste, /PasteNot, /PasteNotX, /PasteX, /Patrol, /Pause, /Pay, /PClients, /pcount, 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    Have you ever wanted to make your own wacky skin, but aren't a skilled pixel artist? Have you ever wanted to combine the helmet layer of one skin with the rest of another skin? Have you ever just wanted to randomly combine a bunch of skin layers together to make your own abomination entirely? Well, yearn no more. With ClassiCube SkinSwatch you can easily create a new skin out of dozens of premade skins. Once you're done customizing your skin, hit the ClassiCube logo in the top right of the editor to set your ClassiCube skin, or hit the floppy disk icon to save the skin locally. You can still upload skins to the website the old-fashioned way, by navigating to the account panel and uploading a skin file. If you want me to add more base skins to the editor, or are having problems using the editor, post a comment on this thread. Enjoy!
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    You know you could just stop playing there, right? There's plenty of other servers which are better.
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    Aqua Affinity Increases underwater mining speed Helmet, Turtle Shell Bane of Arthropods Increases damage and applies Slowness to spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, endermites, and bees Sword, Axe (Bedrock only) Blast Protection Reduces explosion damage and knockback Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Turtle Shell Channeling Channels a bolt of lightning towards a hit target, only works during thunderstorms Trident Cleaving Increases damage and shield stunning Axe Depth Strider Increases underwater movement speed Boots Efficiency Increases mining speed. Increases chances axes may stun a shield Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hoe Feather Falling Reduces fall damage Boots Fire Aspect Sets target on fire Sword Fire Protection Reduces fire damage and burn time Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Turtle Shell Flame Arrows set target on fire Bow Fortune Increases certain block drops Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hoe Impaling Deals addition damage to mobs that spawn in the ocean Trident Infinity Shooting a bow consumes no regular arrows Bow Knockback Increases knockback Sword Looting Increases mob loot Sword Loyalty Trident returns after being thrown Trident Luck of the Sea Increases rate of good loot Fishing Rod Lure Decreases time until rod gets a bite Fishing Rod Multishot Shoots three arrows at the cost of one Crossbow Piercing Arrows pass through multiple entities Crossbow Power Increases arrow damage Bow Projectile Protection Reduces projectile damage Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Turtle Shell Protection Reduces most types of damage Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Turtle Shell Punch Increases arrow knockback Bow Quick Charge Decreases crossbow charging time Crossbow Respiration Extends underwater breathing time Helmet, Turtle Shell Riptide Trident launches player with itself when thrown, only works in water and rain Trident Sharpness Increases damage Sword, Axe (Bedrock only) Silk Touch Mined blocks drop themselves Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hoe Smite Increases damage to undead mobs Sword, Axe (Bedrock only) Sweeping Edge (Java only) Increases sweeping attack damage Sword Thorns Reflects some of the damage taken when hit Chestplate Unbreaking Increases item durability Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Turtle Shell, Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Sword, Hoe, Fishing Rod, Bow, Trident, Crossbow plz dont ban me
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    Stop feigning ignorance. You modified your client to ignore the hacks rules present in maps, which allows you to fly in maps (like the one below) that aren't supposed to allow it.
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    He's not talking about Classicube, he's talking about a server.
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    If anyone could call the player pewdiepieguy please reply to me because I got banned from the Blood Server and my friend pewdiepieguy is there and I miss them because it has been a month so please reply to me if you manage him to go to Not Awesome Server... Here is the link of the server http://www.classicube.net/server/play/3652c491f953de63f8779de425798ad2/ - From Markhy08 I MISS HIM SO MUCH....
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    Post pictures of it...
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    Issues with an individual server should be reported to that server's staff. If the staff are complicit, stop playing there.
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    I got the greatest gift of all time- MEAT
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    Think before you post please.
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    That's really not running a server, though. That's asking somebody else to run a server for you.
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    two points to consider: this is not the place to ask about external services not being fast enough for you if patience is not your strong key, perhaps running a server isn't for you
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    This is normal. There are bots that go around connecting to everything they can, but nothing will come of it. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/24936/weird-ip-addresses-showing-up-on-my-server
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    I had covid. Not too bad actually, but you get hella sore.
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    You're on the wrong website buddy, your picture isn't even ClassiCube.
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    OMG ME TOO!!!!!! Every single time he just stares at me from afar! I mean why tf are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you? He watches from afar... Hes going to come again! We had a job to do.... It all went to shit! Like a needle in a haystack... In a field of hay stacks! We had a job to do... But then the numbers... Herobrine died in vorkuta- NO! i saw him everyy day.... The numbers- What do they mean? Vorkuta... The Numbers... Every night- I can feel my leg...
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    When i seen this post all i thought about was the fake pocket edition 3am videos where the guy says thats creepy or weird every five seconds lol
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    sorry lol that was me sorry i scared you i didnt mean to
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    MERRY Christmas every one how was your Christmas ???
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    I think you're confusing 2FA tokens and personal access or OAuth tokens. This change doesn't require you to enable 2FA (even though you should!!), it just requires you to create a personal access token or an ssh key that you'll use instead of a password. Using your password for git authentication has always been a bad idea, so it's good that they're finally disabling that completely
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    /model bot (Name) Chibi
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    why plz dont leave 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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    police i dont think there going to do that becasuse nether isnt a thing they could and the end or the ather and thats it i guess from your friend lashednova
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    How would you improve them? We can't change them to be better without ideas
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    You were banned fair and square, also toxic behavior and going against the rules of the server. You also griefed and built on other peoples builds without their permission first.
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    I understand that Classibuild has had its issues in the past before me and even during my time there, although I can say we are improving and have finally gotten over selves organized. This is an alt for SavageBoy who has done many racial and non staff like things in which we put him Under Review. He was talking about ClassiBuild a specific server.
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    dude just stop playing and admins dont just ban for no reason you must of did something wrong
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    If it is on the same server it is possible, You do /copy and it makes you choose two blocks and anything in the cube of blocks will be copied. Then you can do /paste (in any world in the server) and it will paste.
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    Imma say this is the nicest way possiable... Your a simp. (*cough, cough* Dream SMP reference)
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    covid had affected us all. as a US army soldier I was sent home, and now playing classicube has helped me pass the time. my great grandfather who served in WWII died of covid. he was my inspiration to go in the military anyways. (in memory of robert fender)
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    Hello Please go to not awsome and help me build because i suck at building lmao so please go their Bye!
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    The Game is Error But i need Fix the Game But i have Friend To Fix I HAVE A NEW GAME is Classic Vens Who Like the Game Classic Mine Or Classic Vens Vote the Name Wait wait Look my picture is Error
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    Join up if u want Server name: (Mintzy Smp Server (T5CS) or heres the link: http://www.classicube.net/server/play/b220bc47cf14ff331ffb8c9de15b850e/ we are just having fun and building and helping out hte owners ykw join if u want
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    If an electric train is moving north at 55 mph and the winds blowing east at 70 mph, which way does the smoke blow? 🙂
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    There is no smoke, it's an electric train
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    Pay goodly and andrewPH to marry eachother and adopt me.
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    imagine quitting classicube
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