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    🤮 Why you are not kicking players from other sanctioned countries?
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    Do not install any plugins written by goldberg. They are known to install malicious plugins that give them backdoor permissions to mess up the server. Goldberg is also known as PurpleDragon and JustinDupa
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    Install latest Internet Explorer version, install all the updates required to enable TLS 1.2 support. Once you have the updates installed then enable TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 support.
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    Hey all I hope all is well and I'm new here to the community 🙂 I have been helping/testing a dev/programmer called unknownshadow200 with attempting to get the online experience improved for the Dreamcast build of ClassiCube, by using original hardware which includes the Broadband adapter as well as the Dreamcast Modem/DreamPi. (As only Flycast method was tested). I did a little video to showcase the online side of things in action. I've listed some updates which have been happening below which in some way I've helped: - SD card support might work, use at own risk : If using DreamShell / SD Card Reader to upload/install texture files - DreamPi/Modem Network issue still on-going - Latest download should no longer require adjusting RTC in BIOS/Bootup to be able to sign in - Mouse support for buttons and camera movement now added (Change sensitivity from 30 to 100 as default) - Currently working on DreamPi/Modem fixes - Increase mouse sensitivity from 30 to 100 as default - Show log messages initially, then go to the normal launcher/main menu after it finishes initialising the modem (DreamPi) - Remapping Controls - Can be changed in-game pause menu, I'm asking for the default controls remapped, to feel more like Q3A Over the course of weeks there have been a number of changes to make the game run more stable online. Dreamcast Alpha Build can be downloaded from the ClassiCube download page (other) - I have managed to join a number of online servers using the Dreamcast Broadband adapter however, when using DreamPi the results varied with being unable to join a server or the game crashing. Keep in mind that this Dreamcast port is in early alpha. It will likely crash, freeze, perform poorly and has done a numerous of times whilst doing these tests. Hardware used : Original PAL Dreamcast with a GDEMU + BBA and Pi - Dreamcast Keyboard, Mouse and Controller Dev/Programmer mentioned they have used Flycast, I couldn't test this personally as I haven't setup Flycast to use a keyboard I will contine to head the team/dev with any issues I come across whilst the build is being worked on, the game is free to download and is also cross play with other platforms. Hopefuly see you on a server soon
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    I would delete I would delete discord moderators bc half the time they dont accept false-ban tickets
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    or: an answer to why do we need CEF for any custom sounds Something I noticed while binging adventure maps in NA2 is that almost every single map recommends CEF for music...and just music. I wonder whether this can be better served with a protocol extension... I'm sure someone else suggested a similar idea before (probably multiple times, even!), but assuming that this whole idea isn't impossible to begin with, here's my idea. also sorry if this is in the wrong topic and should have been in Techno Babble instead... Suggestion guideline: Register a Sound. Inputs: short identifier identifying this sound. string containing the URL to a sound effect. Generic metadata relating to the sound, potentially including: int containing size of compressed audio in bytes short indicating codec type float containing the length of audio in seconds whatever other info might be useful for the receiver. Client then uses the identifier to register the sound, such that future packets using said identifier will use the sound. If a sound is already registered to said identifier, the newly-registered sound takes priority, implicitly unregistering the existing sound. Cases of invalid URLs, failure to find/download a sound, and such errors should be printed in chat. Any identifier less than 256 is reserved by ClassiCube, and should not be used for any reason except overriding existing sounds. Additionally, the identifier 0 is special and must not be assigned to. Note: Due to limitations of the string type this can only support URLs up to 64 characters long. This could be a problem with deep path hierarchies, especially with a long domain name. This is a problem common to all packets that use URLs, but is probably worse here as you usually want to store the sounds with a descriptive name in a descriptive path. Unregister a sound Inputs: short identifier for the sound to be unregistered. Unregisters the sound. Might be unneeded if a blank URL does this as well, but I would prefer a cleaner solution. Link a sound Inputs: short containing the sound identifier to be linked. byte containing the "type" of sound to be linked. Think of this as if the sound is registered as music, footsteps, breaking... byte containing the "subtype" to be linked to. Think of this as in a specific category of blocks to have this sound. Some types might not have a meaningful "subtype" assignment. These should have this value set to 0 by the server, and have the client ignore this value. 2 byte containing minimum and maximum sound intensity 2 byte containing minimum and maximum random pitch, in units of 1/128 speed from 0,5 to 2,5. A server must ensure a maximum random value is equal or greater to the corresponding minimum random value. Mostly present to give the server a way to add sounds without manually sending every single sound that would be played, so even with occasional network lag spikes footstep many normal kinds of sounds are played as normal. Unlink a Sound. Inputs: short containing the sound identifier to be unlinked. Set to 0 to indicate all links in the type. byte containing the "type" that this identifier will lose its link to. byte containing the "subtype" to be unlinked. Some types might not have a meaningful "subtype" assignment. These should have this value set to 0 by the server, and have the client ignore this value: this means all sounds from this type are removed. This allows for whole types of sounds to lose their links to existing identifiers, to then have custom sound identifiers linked. Ever wanted your metallic blocks to sound extra metallic? Play a sound Inputs: short containing the sound identifier to be played. byte containing whether this sound is to be considered special -- Play from Everywhere, Count as Music, the like. byte containing sound intensity, or 0 if it is to be random. byte containing sound pitch, or 0 if it to be random. This does mean a speed of exactly 0,5x is unreachable without having the link specify that as the only valid random value. 3 int (or short if ExtEntityPositions is unset) containing the position of where the sound is played from. Ignored by clients if Play from Everywhere is set. If Count as Music is set, the currently playing music is stopped as soon as another sound with that flag is set, and no music will be played until this sound ends. This includes identifier 0, allowing for early stopping of a very long track. Reset Identifiers Resets the identifier table to the initial state at startup (identifiers <256 back to initial values, everything else unregistered), as well as the assigned sounds. Open questions: What to do if a malicious server sends a large amount of huge sound files? What to do if a sound can't be played by the client due to codec concerns? Ideally should allow for a fallback sound to be sent. Might be ignored if only some codecs are allowed by protocol. WAV and Opus ought to be enough for everyone, right? How to handle implementations that might not support assigning up to 64k sounds? Or those with limits to simultaneous playback? How to handle edge cases, such as linking or playing an unassigned identifier PS: anyone know how to make an inline code block?
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    I was bored and looked at my old forms, and oh my goodness was I so needy back then. But at the same time looking at this post I realized how much I've grown as a person, but wow it still so cringe :(.... Which lead me to ask do you have any posts/form you still think about in your sleep?
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    team fortress 2 for me
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    To be honest, I have just lost interest in making large scale updates to the game anymore I'll still continue gradually adding smaller improvements and new features though
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    PS Vita, Switch Making a controller support would be more than enough to be honest, you could connect controller to the android and play CC with zero issues
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    i forgot why i needed to chancge a player's MOTD 💀 EDIT: i remember now
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    The pack is officially called "Dear god, it's all Steve!" It's still kind-of being worked on (and I forgot to give the water texture transparency) Look at how beautiful it looks! In case you were wondering, yes, the mob textures have been changed too!
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    step one: you just need a higher rank THATS IT
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    None of them to be honest.
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    SO i cannot sync with My computer and says "error this username is Taken"
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    SO yesterday i was trying to sync My device to a different device but it said "this username is Taken" Can someone help me?
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    yes i know about that, i have lookeed at the plugin code (its very simple) looks fine also why would he mess up a server that he co-owns
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    because im ukranian, duh i only care about kicking russians
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