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  1. You don't have to prove that you're not someone else. If someone claims you're someone else, it's up to them to prove that.
  2. You might be RedPCat. Can you prove that you're not?
  3. The server can be whatever mesyeti wants it to be. Nobody is forced to use it. However, it's very easy to understand, how users think it's not a "normal anarchy" server, as the OP stated. When joining, they're greeted by server rules, by someone impersonating the owner and effective enforcing those rules. Whatever you think of those users, that's their experience. To them, it effectively is not a "normal anarchy" server, regardless of what someone else's definition of an anarchy server is. All users have the same potential for power on any server, if they just use their social skills to gain staff positions. The main difference is that non anarchy servers have staff and rules to begin with and that real staff can change the actual server configuration, as opposed to an anarchy server, where your only power is through normal client to server interaction.
  4. All servers are anarchy servers. Some users just have the power to control what others can do.
  5. It's really cool and I'd like to try, but I couldn't get it to work last I tried. I broke the carpet too and let the lava loose, not because the keys aren't big enough, but because it's not intuitive that you have to break the lava. To break lava, people also to enable breakable liquids first. Can't you put regular blocks instead? If not, you should be able to set the carpet to be unbreakable.
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