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  1. Well, I hope you get a chance to upload set 1 at some point. The last set must have been from a period with not much activity.
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the backups. What texture pack was the Anarchy map using? Do you know over how long time this backup set spans and when it started?
  3. Every month is straight people month. You're not being attacked. You have all the rights that everybody else has. You have nothing to parade for. That's why there isn't a straight month. but you're free to start one. If you don't like pride parades etc., just don't attend. The fact that there are still people thinking like you, shows that there's still a need for pride month. I'm neither gay or religious and I'm not going to any church. What makes you think the theology in your church doesn't suck? With all the religions that exist, it's quite arrogant and illogical to think that exactly your religion and your way of following it, is the one and only correct one.
  4. They rolled out the national alert system, so they can alert people when I fart.
  5. I don't think that less servers popping up, is necessarily an improvement, even if you might consider them unworthy.
  6. I can't think of any servers that could benefit from this.
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