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  1. have you tried turning it off and on again
  2. Oh you're a classicube player? Name every user
  3. danieliscool was BANNED for this post by Goodly stop makign fun of the man, googly hes having a stroke call an ambulance, asshole
  4. snow is fucking overrated
  5. Hey, at least I'm something for once. Could've been something better if it weren't for you ruining every fucking new fucking idea I had came up with on NA2. We wouldn't have ended up like this if you had fucking done your job and actually stop Xenon from harassing me. I'm no fucking saint either. I've done bad shit in the past too. I'm just as guilty as you are. I know that it's pointless to argue with you, a moderator of a Minecraft clone with the power to banish me from the game itself, but I think I'd rather have that happen to me than to be fucking tossed around by people with more authority than me. I'm fucking pissed and I have every right to be. I've been on a downward fucking spiral since that day and "REVENGE" is the only fucking word that sticks in my mind for over an year now and it's driving me insane. I swear on my fucking life that one day I'll get my revenge on you and Xenon for all the shit you've caused me. I swear that I'll create something greater than you have ever created. I don't care if it takes years or maybe even decades. I don't care if I even die trying. I just hope that I'll succeed and finally be happy again. Also I'd rather kill myself than accept any prize from you.
  6. i said "shouldn't be added to", not "should be deleted" ;) next you're going to say something along the lines of "you didn't write 'shouldn't be added to' in the first place" or "in the discord forums channel it said 'should be deleted'" I purposefully wrote "should be deleted" to trick you into correcting me, but edited to "shouldn't be added to" beforehand. So when you did correct me, you would only end up looking like a fool
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