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  1. a tease to something we literally know nothing about what if i apply and then it turns out i have to sell my organs and my whole family is killed and i cant back out? then what? its a NO from ME sir you wont get me this time
  2. Hey guys! 🙂 I'm proud to announce that I'm currently in rehab for trolling too much.. and I'm pregnant w/ a baby girl! Might b my last post I'm sorry to the people I have offended here! Sayonara chingus! (Been learning Korean for a while. That's "Goodbye friends" in Korean" :))
  3. i sure am proud of making a grown adult feel threatened! too bad i only stated my opinion like how you stated your own opinion
  4. personally i think classicube is doing fine when school season comes again theyll all come running back, what id rather have is a stable community that doesnt depend on accounts being made only to be forgotten after a week
  5. 0rfvOBoZtSbtRPOq.mp4
  6. can you explain THIS? please?
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