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  1. KawaiiCube

    im new here

    join some servers and play and talk to ppl and make friends
  2. this is dumb _ero7vTFyeQvF7o8.mp4
  3. swoozy cancelled LOL everyone lets hate on swoozy
  4. thanks for you for all the support. ❤️
  5. personally i hope both of your projects fail so you learn to not do anything embarrassing like this ever again @megaboi @Matthew132
  6. there should be a code in your email, check and look for it so you can enter it when you open up the client (check ur spam folder because it could be there) plz do not ask the same question two times on other posts
  7. hey king! boy you have done it again. constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. id say im surprised but i know who you are. ive seen it up close and personal. boy you make me so proud.
  8. idk what you mean by this but there are a bunch of texture packs that work with the default blocks here : https://123dmwm.com/texturepacks.html any other global or level blocks that a server may have will show up as purple error blocks
  9. sorry lol that was me sorry i scared you i didnt mean to
  10. you can always make your own super mario texturepack
  11. Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye
  12. this snow shite annoying as fk
  13. when you complete tutmain, youll be able to see ppl talking :o
  14. if youre talking about any parkour maps im sure you can look around some servers bcuz theyll most likely have parkour maps not awesome 2 is great for these type of maps 😮 visit the server and when youre able to complete tutmain /goto shrine and then when you see a short statue click on it, it will tell you where to go next
  15. havent heard of vib ribbon in a long time : o
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