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  1. No worries, hope u feel better well.
  2. Vanityuh

    Remember Me?

    Pretend this is me replying to you knowing you
  3. 1. I already disclaimed it and thanked people for correcting, its a version of old Minecraft. 2.Not a good point saying this since yes there are a lot of clones but most of them die out pretty quickly or don't even get players in the first place. Thank you though.
  4. I truly understand that and I thank you very, very much on correcting me but again I was very tired making that response and putting evidence since it was the morning but now that I have well slept more I can say again say thank you for correcting me and I understand making a game for thousands of people w just one person well, working on it could be stressful but what I have said is that its going to keep having potential and yes it may be difficult to improve it and it may already be improved enough but my point still stands that if it got added to the well store it would not be a big hit nor a small hit and that it wont get much traction since again its a inspired game of Minecraft but thank you very much again on correcting me but again my point still stands and I'm not trying to be cocky that's the least I want to sound but you have to take a point that my point stands even after all of this in the long run. Again thank you and everyone who has corrected me and I thank you guys alot but my point still stands. Thank you again.
  5. Oh, the last one caught me off guard because I really did laugh when I saw it, no offence again.Just a question per chance, do you think this is a official account? And again I'm not saying this to like make a fool out of you or anything but Classicube has many of options and so many accounts I'm surprised u even thought of making the last point it just honestly made me a bit shocked. And yes there may have been changes every day but it doesn't really filler my point at the end of the day and Ill show am example if I can because I don't know if Classicube will allow the screenshot because some are bigger format than others and etc,But I will try my best thank you for pointing it out but again I'm just very shocked from this comment overall and it made me chuckle a bit so, thank you. I would fine more, but I just woke up and respectfully. Im not trying to do anything right now I hope you understand. When I have the energy I'll try to look for more don't worry. I know its AI gen and etc but the general message is still the same.
  6. A little late to comment on this but, but I do thank you for reminding me🙂.
  7. Again thank you, I understand that classicube has a community and it does have a lot of potential but that's all its really gonna be potential. And I'm saying this since u said it "it has potential" "has" its a stand alone and for years people have always said "it has potential" but now multiple even hundreds of forums are getting made asking for an update, seeking out other games/ websites because this game didn't fill anything to them anymore and I'm glad this website/game has a community that is loyal but sooner or later this game is gonna eventually die out of players or even staffs if it doesn't get worked on,but I do get that this game is going to have a community for a long time I know that but like I said this game has potential but there is a high chance its going to keep "having potential" and never work on meeting that potential. But as I have said before thank you but even with multiple possibilities u have to understand its been years of "possibilies" and its never been met up.
  8. Yes I get that with the best of my ability ,and thank you for correcting me. But my point still stands that this game is dying at a higher rate than months ago or even years ago. I get that its an recreation of the old version, but again if it was posted or uploaded to the app store it wouldn't get a lot of attraction since again its like how you mentioned "devoid of features" but again thank you for correcting me but the point still stands respectfully.
  9. I highly doubt it since this game is a off brand Minecraft with half of the stuff and things of it and really dead so putting it on the app store wouldn't really do anything if u really think about it.
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