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    A port of ClassiCube for Android is now available - with some limitations however: It's only available as an .apk download (Not available in the Google Play Store) The .apk was compiled in debug mode, so it will be slower than normal It's early alpha. It will very likely crash, freeze, perform poorly, etc. Please report these to me so I can work on fixing them. (Also note that the in-game UI of the Android version is almost exactly the same as the UI when you use the web client on android)
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    Having been a server owner for over 9 years now, I think it's safe to say I've been around long enough to see what works and what doesn't. Many people think having their own server makes them "cool" or "special" and rush into creating a server without knowing any of the essentials. Hopefully upon reading this guide, you'll understand what to do and what not to do. Knowing what your server will be about This is the most integral part in coming up with your own server. Before starting your server, you should have a general idea on what you want your server's purpose to be. The majority of servers on this site are effortless and generic freebuilds that offer little-to-nothing except for a freebuild map and overseer maps. You'll notice that these types of servers rarely get players because they are inherently boring and bring nothing new to the table. If you really want to stick with the freebuild genre, you should at least come up with some ideas on extra features to add to the server to ensure people don't get bored. Here are some ideas you could try: Themed freebuild maps An economy/money system Unique commands/plugins A server theme. E.g, oriental/fantasy, sci-fi/futuristic, modern, medieval etc. Your server's image Server name So you've come up with your server idea, now you just need a fancy name to lure the players in. You should include something related to your server's genre in your server's name. For example, if you are running a zombie survival server, you could set it to something like this: [Zombie Survival] Reign of Blood . This will tell people what your server is about and improve your chances of getting them to join. You should try and stay away from names that include your username. For example, Venk's Server. This is very boring and people probably won't join. Maturity and professionalism The way your server comes across is very important. If you want your server do well, you should typically stay away from messages that are rude or contain swearing/slurs. Don't get me wrong, there are a bunch of toxic servers out there that occasionally do well but at the end of the day, they all die out eventually. Grammar and punctuation is optional but it helps a lot. You should avoid stuff like this in any form of representations of the server: Bad: if u guys wanna go to other maps u should type the cmd /goto map Good: You can join other maps by typing /goto [map]. In regards to maturity, you should at least try and act mature but you do you... Below is an example of what to include and not to include in your rules. Bad: dont grief or u'll be banned!! WE DONT ALLOW GRIEFERS ON THIS SERVER SO JUST DONT!!! Good: Griefing is not allowed on the server. Hiring the right staff Chances are, you're not going to be on the server all the time, right? Having trustworthy staff online is a huge help and will heavily benefit you further down the track. Every server has their own expectations of staff but here is a template on what to look for in a staff member: Have they been active on the server? If they've only been on for like a couple of hours total, they're probably not a great choice as you may not know much about them. If they ask for staff, don't give it to them. Back in the day we used to call these people "Leeches" and muted them right off the bat... Are they respectful towards other players? You should probably refrain from hiring someone who is constantly carrying on and being rude to other people. This should ultimately go without saying but don't abuse your power. Just because you have a higher rank than someone doesn't mean you can behave like an ignoramus. I've seen countless instances where staff members abuse players and it's just despicable. You should also put your personal feelings towards someone aside and only punish them if they've actually violated the rules. "I just don't like them." is not a valid reason to punish somebody. Aesthetic Server hub If you want to provide a memorable experience for your players, you should make the server visually pleasing. A good-looking server hub or lobby is a great start as it immediately shows players that you've put some time into the server. If you don't consider yourself a good enough builder, I recommend asking a friend that you think is a good builder and see if they are willing to help. Colour scheme This might not seem to be that important but colours also help promote visual aesthetic. You should try and stay away from setting colours that are so bold and defining such as black, gray, maroon or navy. These colours are quite irritating to look at when used frequently. In MCGalaxy servers, you can add your own colours with the /customcolours command. Textures and block palette If your server software doesn't support these features, feel free to skip this section. As much as the default textures provide a sense of nostalgia, it gets old fast and people want to try something new. More tips coming soon!
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    Grief their emotions Can't undo that 😔
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    what does this have to do with classicube?
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    Before we start: * Welcome to the MCGalaxy guide. Before reading onward, please do note that this guide is initially made for MCGalaxy version, as such, some of the things stated below may not work in either past versions. If not, tell me and I will update it. * Starting the server Starting the server and actually making it so it's online is the most crucial thing you're going to need to do in this guide. Everything else will be informative and/or optional. To start the server, make sure you download your release from here, keeping in-mind I will be using to explain things. Once downloaded, you will need to extract the contents into a folder somewhere. Once complete, you will then need to run either MCGalaxy.exe or MCGalaxyCLI.exe. This will open up a GUI/CLI menu allowing you to edit the server. Next, you will need to port forward. If your router does not support UPnP portforwarding, you can find a guide on how to port forward here. If it does support UPnP port-forwarding then proceed to read on further. Upon opening the GUI, click the properties button. A menu like this should open (yours will likely be different): Next, you will need to enter a port in the port box (or keep it as 25565) and then click Server Port Utilities. Another GUI menu should pop up, here you will need to enter the previous port number into the box and then click Forward. If the forward was successful, you will receive a green Ports forwarded successfully using UPnP message. If not, then you will need to port forward manually by visiting the link above. Once you've done that, click out of that and press Save to save your progress. Voilà! Your server is ready to play. It should be around the bottom area of the server list, if it isn't try refreshing. Configuring your server Editing server properties is probably the most fun part of starting a server, you have full access to features and you can toggle things you want enabled/disabled on the server. To do this, you need to open up that folder we were talking about earlier and navigate to the /properties folder. In here there will be 8 files that you can edit customize. You can also edit things from the GUI, but this gives you a bit more options to choose from. The only one you really need to check out is server.properties, if you've never edited a .properties file, you can open it in any text editing program. A guide is already waiting for you inside the file. A great way to display information is via the use of text files. You can modify the text files by going to the /text folder. Here you can edit things like the server welcome message, rules, news etc. All files can be opened via text editing software as well. Using the console The console is used as a way of executing commands without having to be in-game. It also bypasses permissions so you can use any command from any rank with ease, though keep in mind, some commands purposely disable use from the console. Using commands is similar to in-game, which uses /[command]. If a / or ! isn't present at the start, it will be treated as a chat message. You should probably give yourself the superop or nobody rank to get full control of the server. See below for more information on assigning ranks. Ranks Ranks are the assortment of players into hierarchical groups. To modify ranks, you will need to open the properties menu and then click on Ranks. Here you will be able to edit permission levels and colours etc. To rank a player to a specific rank, you will need to use /rank [username] [rank]. This will give them access to all the commands and permissions the specified rank has. Commands and Permissions Commands are a great way of doing things in-game, but if everyone has the same permissions, the server could be come anarchic quite fast. One of the commands you will need to become familiar with is /cmdset which is the nobody rank by default. Using your console knowledge from before, typing /cmdset cmdset [rank name] will allow the rank of your choice and above to execute it from in-game. You can either keep the permissions as is (not recommended) or you can modify the permissions to your choosing. You can allow specific ranks to use a command by using /cmdset [command] +[rank name], this will allow the rank to use the command even if they are not above the default command rank. You can also do /cmdset [command] -[rank name] to prevent a specific rank from using the command. And lastly for setting command permissions is /cmdset [command] [rank name] [extra permission number] which will allow the rank specified and above to be able to use the command's extra permission. A full list of commands can be found via /commands all all and each are colour-coded to their respective rank colours. Information can be found for each command using /help [command]. Levels (or worlds/realms/maps) Levels are a world that players can visit/build on. By default the main level will be called main, but you can change that later by doing /main [level]. Most MCGalaxy servers support overseer levels which allow players to have their own private world that only they can build in. To allow this, just set the /overseer command to the lowest rank you want to be able to use the command. This will allow people to use /os map add and /os go as well as other overseer commands. To create a new level that isn't a realm world, you can type /newlvl create [map name] <width> <height> <length> <theme> <seed> (the ones in angled brackets are optional). If you're unhappy with the map size, you can change the size via /resizelvl [map name] [new width] [new height] [new length]. Keeping in mind, that decreasing a level size may remove blocks. Levels can be renamed via /renamelvl [map name] [new map name] and can be deleted via /deletelvl [map name]. Conclusion There you have it, you now know everything you need to about setting up your very own MCGalaxy server. Something not making sense? Still confused about something? I'm usually around the community and am quite happy to help. You can find me on Discord via @Venk#2020 or on ByteIRC via #PuissantRoyale.
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    "Big whoop", "Baby", and "Clock" were removed if I'm remembering correctly.
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    Definitely Guitar Hero and Vib Ribbon. (The latter being a super underrated and obscure PS1 game, check it out because oh boy, it's fun)
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    Hey all, @UnknownShadow200 has been hard at work improving the game yet again, this time adding significantly improved touch controls to the mobile webclient version of the game. Check it out right now by tapping right here! Credit goes to @Goodly for making the radial pad texture Have fun y'all!
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    i play on chromebook so just bookmark it
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    i play on a chrome book just bookmark like i did
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    Thanks this was helpful for when I make a server 😄
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    This is such a late reply from me, apologies. dont moderate me please ;-; But goddamn it I've been waiting for this since like what? 2017. We finally fucking have it. Y a a a a y
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    I play pretty much exclusively osu! and that's pretty much everything that is on my YT channel so yeah I also make beatmaps for it which is incredibly fun 😄 This is my profile UwU (You can click the image to see my profile on the osu! website)
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    How to download the Texture pack Please
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    Are you into racing? Then Play BigBlox Racing by TheOldPlayer08! And soon, I will add it to ClassiCube as my own game!
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    andrew has the perfect solution. i doubt what mikel said considering on my short time there he used /say to make me look like i said dumb stuff
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    its for accounts that are five years old or older
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    no! sorry! if you read the rules properly then being inappropriate and literally not listening to staff is breaking the rules! simply listen to staff when they tell you to STOP so you dont get muted for 10 days idk you were using message blocks to EVADE your mute so that was why you were blacklisted stop trying to act innocent 🙄
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    * Please note that I did not create this guide, I just thought that since not a whole lot of people check the archived forums, this would be a better place for it. The original guide was created by Empy and can be found here. Full credit goes to them. * Additionally, I'd like to state that you do not have to do this for each custom block you create as it would take an excessively long time. I recommend making use of /gb copy [id] and /gb edit [id] [value] [args] as it is so much quicker and more efficient than following through with the creation process.
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    One way to think of this is to think of this
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    I recommend taking this up with the owner of the server, "Goodly", and having him ban this hacker.
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    You can, but Andrew EDIT: still advises against hosting on a Chromebook.
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    You have to run it using mono in the terminal, at which point I tell you to not host a server on a chromebook
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    im not sure how chromebook and extensions work but cant u just bookmark the site
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    wow ill have to get my phone out to try
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    It can go down whenever it wants to, you aren't its mother.
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    I've heard of it but never played it.
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    For a Xmas Treat, Go to Not Awesome 2 and type /goto Popstar_28 and say you're a friend of TechMooseZ27's
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    havent heard of vib ribbon in a long time : o
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    Agent 404 is really just a skin of the MoreModels models, not a texture pack
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    im literally shitting and farting and peeing and ?
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    yea the server didnt work for me
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    imagine imagining about the imaging of other who also like to imagine imgine imagining about others. Use this statement in any situation to just straight up confuse someone else
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    /os map resize [width] [height] [length] it's that simple
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    While i didn't watch much of TV to get a true understanding of his character and/or show, rest in peace regardless. That man probably entertained millions of people. At least he was surrounded by his loved ones when he passed.
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    no, just use the site. it would be the same thing.
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    Please update to the latest dev build in Options -> Updates and see if that fixes it.
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    [Update] Among Us in na2 server! This is just an update on the Among Us minigame in na2 that Matthew132, Iron_zic, NotDerek, and Rulja are making. To see the map for yourself, go to na2 and do /g iron_zic+ Update list: 1. Finished the skeld map 2. Working on code 3. Lobby finished 4. Spaceship lobby started 5. Code figured out for killing and sabotage (More to come soon!)
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    10/10 - MegaPVP beautiful - Matthew132 Minecraft - Skeppy23
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    Username Verification is a process used to establish a player's identity on a ClassiCube server, and ensures that the player connecting is who they say they are. When running servers, it is important that you enable this feature, especially when running public servers advertised on the ClassiCube server tracker. Leaving it disabled is a major security risk, and malicious players can: Impersonate you, your administrators, and other players on the server Easily and quickly evade name-based bans Kick other players out of the server (See "Collision Kicking" below) How do I enable Username Verification? Thankfully, on most server software, username verification is enabled by default. But, if you accidentally turned it off and cannot find where the option is located, this section will help you! MCGalaxy In MCGalaxy, the name verification option can be found in Settings > Server in the section "Advanced Configuration" ProCraft In ProCraft, the name verification option can be found in the Security tab in the section "Connection" PyCCS (alpha) In PyCCS 0.1.0+, the name verification flag can be enabled by setting 'verify_names' to True when constructing the Server object # PyCCS 0.1.0+ server = Server(verify_names=True) SHAMELESS SELF-PLUG: Try this (unfinished) ClassiCube server today! It's in Alpha and can be found here Collision Kicking Mentioned previously in this post, Collision Kicking occurs when a player with the same name attempts to join a server. On certain servers, joining as someone already connected to the server will result in the player connecting first being removed from the server. With name verification, the player currently logged in will not be kicked, since the connecting player could not be verified. Without name verification, a player can be effectively banned from a server by others by repeatedly reconnecting as them to prevent them from playing on the server. How it works The server tracker employs a simple trick of cryptography in order to prove to the server that the player connecting is who they say they are. When you log into ClassiCube.net, you create a session which allows the game client to make requests on your behalf. During this session, the game client asks ClassiCube.net for a list of servers, which contains the IP to connect to, along with a string of (seemingly) random characters called the "mppass". When connecting to the server, the game client gives the server your username, and this mppass. This allows the server to verify that you are in fact logged into ClassiCube.net What is the mppass? The mppass is actually a MD5 Checksum, a string of letters that is easy to compute given the original text, but (usually) impossible given only the resulting string of characters. The original text of the mppass consists of both the username of the player connecting, and the 'salt' provided by the server to the server tracker. This salt is a random series of characters which is kept as a shared secret between the server and provider, and is never actually given to the client. # Input String (server's salt + your username) kuqL3HHSbOVkzOZRjit983D9Vw5M3zEMjshtab # Resulting mppass 8e0aa02498370cc26807df70d795fdcd When you request a list of servers from the tracker, the tracker quickly generates the mppass by putting your username at the end of that server's salt and running it through the MD5 algorithm. When you connect, the server does the same with your username and it's own salt. If the two strings match, then you are verified to be logged in to the server tracker, since the only way you could've gotten a valid mppass was through the server tracker.
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    /bot add <name>
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