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Best Shooter game

Best combat game  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one of these combat games is the best?

    • War Thunder
    • DCS
    • Enlisted
    • Arma 3
    • Call of Duty
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Counter Strike
    • Other (specify in comments)

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2 minutes ago, MESYETI said:

Not Awesome 2 [Realms and More]'s gun game

Yes, its gotta be #1. like, who doesn't like NA2 Gungame lol. 

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8 minutes ago, ZavierAlvarado said:

Choosing the best combat game can be tricky since it depends on personal preferences.

personal preference is what this poll is for

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Quake III Arena, and of course on a device that it's not made for like the 2007 Nokia E90 or 2009 Motorola Milestone



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Team Fortress 2 [Community Servers!!] is a great game with lot of playstyles, weapons, and maps which makes each new round a different experience. However Valve cares too much about Counter Strike to care about the DDOS attacks and bot crisis makes me wonder why they keep casual mode server up? Community servers are fun and pretty much the only way to play TF2 right now. Contrary to my name, I actually main pyro and soldier instead of scout, like my name suggests.

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Posted (edited)

im stupid i read that this said shooter game (i said the combat of botw and totk before) and ima go with titan fall 2 speed and damage is key to staying alive i always choose grappling hook for my tactile and the ronin titan.

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