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  1. Hello, Where is the MCGalaxy_infid.dll source code? I was making a modification to MCGalaxy to change the console's username to "Konsole" but when I published the generated MCGalaxy_.dll to the server, maps with more than 255 blocks broke. I tried manually changing Block.ID.cs to simulate the infid but alas, it did not work. So I'm wondering, does there exist a public source code to the MCGalaxy_infid.dll file? Thanks in Advance!
  2. Well the file is too big to upload but attached is the error that keeps repeating. I'll look into finding a plugin that causes the error.
  3. So I've updated my McGalaxy server from an old version but when I started the server after updating, it starting showing these errors. I've checked the error logs and they didn't help. Any help fixing this error will be appreciated. By the way, the server still operates normally but the console gets spammed with the error message.
  4. Aether by a long shot. Fun fact the first time i tried that mod was when i was with a friend and i pretended like i knew what i was doing.
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