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  1. Splatoon 3 is pretty alright.
  2. Ohhh… I tried that and it worked! Thank you!
  3. Tried compiling with TargetFramework set to net7.0, it still brang up the same error. If this helps, here is the compiler log.
  4. It compiled correctly, and it ran on my Windows PC, but when i transferred it to the server and ran it through mono, it complained about not having a valid 'CIL' image.
  5. Alright, I'll try to compile it when I get home.
  6. Can you provide a download link to the .Net (Core) version?
  7. I don't believe we do.
  8. Yes, I just did both and it did not work. Attached is the logs after the command has been run. Not sure if it will help much but it might be helpful. Also, this is an issue with MCGalaxy specifically, I tried downloading the file via curl and it downloaded successfully. I checked the downloaded file and it wasn't corrupted or anything like that.
  9. I was using Windows 11, and I was using the desktop client. The issue is server sided as I can connect to those websites on my web browser. Also I made a mistake in the original post, I accidentally said Debian 10 instead of Debian 11. I did try updating my mono libraries on the server and it still did not work.
  10. I recently moved a server from eddy's server to my own server and I've noticed a strange bug. On some websites (e.g., Catbox, GUIdebook) whenever I try to import images from them, I get a trust failure error. I'm not entirely sure if this is an issue with my setup or if it's an issue with MCGalaxy. If this is relevant to the problem, the server is running Debian 10, and MCGalaxy is running in a screen. The server is also being used to run an apache2 webserver. Attached to this post is a screenshot of the error.
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