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  1. Blox

    Please help me.

    Okay so the thing i really need to know is how do i make a classicube server?
  2. Blox


    its only for some maps its maybe cause im using the online version
  3. Blox


    no it isnt its in every game
  4. Blox


    but it isnt the same for me
  5. Blox


    How do i make the plus sign in my screen look like the minecraft plus sign? example:
  6. graphictoria doesn't exist anymore
  7. Well thank you for the link, it justs brings me to NA2
  8. Okay, thank you. Im still trying to break blocks and place blocks but it isnt working Ok how do i place blocks down on NA2 survival?
  9. you cant even place down blocks and delete blox
  10. Okay not awesome survival is terrible
  11. Blox

    plex fun

    Are there any mineplex servers? if not can you make one?
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