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  1. I'll be a builder for you, but can you specify the style of the build you desire?
  2. I have the most amazing question the universe has ever heard: Who the #### asked?
  3. I forgot if they do. I uninstalled the client; I know they are on the browser version I'm sure coords existed on client LG125
  4. It's been a year, Finobe is gone but I have played it and I see no difference in the community because they hate me
  5. yeah my fave game is Sonic 06
  6. Yeah, blockland.us isn't that great anymore. I found it fun in 2017, but it failed to continue as a good game in my standards around 2020. To be honest, blockland.us is actually better than that game.
  7. You should do more, I would like to see how it turns out.
  8. Looks ok, but the colors are very bright. Reminds me of alpha Minecraft, also, what are those blocks in your inventory?
  9. wait i was banned uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i give up i am leaving the forums
  10. please dont call me a disgrace, but ROBLOX, Minecraft, ClassiCube, Mopaiv, and Brick Hill are all cool i have not tried Finobe yet but hope to get an invite key to join
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