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  1. I'll be a builder for you, but can you specify the style of the build you desire?
  2. I have the most amazing question the universe has ever heard: Who the #### asked?
  3. I forgot if they do. I uninstalled the client; I know they are on the browser version I'm sure coords existed on client LG125
  4. It's been a year, Finobe is gone but I have played it and I see no difference in the community because they hate me
  5. yeah my fave game is Sonic 06
  6. Yeah, blockland.us isn't that great anymore. I found it fun in 2017, but it failed to continue as a good game in my standards around 2020. To be honest, blockland.us is actually better than that game.
  7. wait i was banned uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i give up i am leaving the forums
  8. please dont call me a disgrace, but ROBLOX, Minecraft, ClassiCube, Mopaiv, and Brick Hill are all cool i have not tried Finobe yet but hope to get an invite key to join
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