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  1. We need to make a memorial for all the epic things he did
  2. Are you into racing? Then Play BigBlox Racing by TheOldPlayer08! And soon, I will add it to ClassiCube as my own game!
  3. But I will not advertise it
  4. There was an app, but it was retired. Just pointing that out. It still can be downloaded, but I have no idea if it even works!
  5. this had the potential to be Nintendo 64, but HE ruined it... cmon anyways, 97
  6. yes, i have tried it myself! it is just very hard to build and control, though, and my phone is pretty new, just if you want to know i mean it works so go try it out
  7. wait i was banned uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i give up i am leaving the forums
  8. oh he is unbanned ok ive seen the background... maybe let the pros handle your build? i am always here if you need help
  9. bru a banned user commented lol what did he do
  10. wait, LG125 gave himself a "very nice"? cmon man
  11. if you were wondering, this is the texture pack used in fab's server https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/110-classicube_compatible_texture_packs/ please dont ban me for spam lg125 wants the texture pack
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