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    I really like this new feature, I always hated the whole close up pixel face thingy like this god that makes me cringe 😐 anyways good work Andrew I like this waaay better
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    @KK22 @tetrisplayer2 @Magical89
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    Hello all! I've added ClassiCube to the Steam Summer Sale (say that 5 times fast) so you can get it for CHEAP. Current price as of posting is 80% off! Steam version is an optional way to help support the game's financial needs, and is not required to play the game.
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    hi bro i seen u nice in cool i was wdrig u if u whant to lay a match down bro
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    i fell off my chair that hurt
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    Picture taken by @Slimey Meme:
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    ooofooofofofofoof 😔
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    this sever is were you can build anything
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