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  1. well u know there not on form right? well they have form but they wont see the message. Also its best if you dont post this type of stuff in form. You might have a higher risk getting banned.
  2. My whole family expect me and FernPupy have covid. Hope you guys are safe 🙂
  3. What do U mean more cubes?? And what part of the monkey's body?
  4. Lol Im going to add eyes with the texture 😛
  5. Im making a model for my soon to be sever, this is my first model. For anybody that knows how to make models I could use some advice before I add the texture. Please tell me if need to add something. Or just some advice I would need in the future... Btw its suppose to be a monkey.
  6. what is the theme of the city, (also Im able to help I have a history of building cities)
  7. Ik how to use /botset {name} hunt but I don't want the bots to be following everyone in my realm. I kinda want bots to move on there own (just saying Im going to be using 206 bots all in total SO imagin 206 bots following you every time you move Lol)
  8. In not Awesome Im making meteors falling down to Brooklyn. I need help with the command /tbot I want to make bots run around like if its the end of the world. But not sure how to do it. plz someone who knows how to use the command plz help me :'| Also if its possible can someone please send me a pfd (or whatever its called) how to use /tempbot
  9. Just reset your pass word. Click I forgot password and put your email. Once u done with that go to your email and U should have a email from classiccube. read the email do what it tells u and BOOM u are login-ed
  10. Lol What I meant was who was someone u look up to, a person how motivate u to do something
  11. I kinda want to make some friends BUT idk know how (Im socially awkward) so I going to ask a basic question "Who is your biggest hero?" Mine is Jimmy Hendrix and Jonathan Rado
  12. Here man hope this is wat your looking for https://www.minecraftskins.com/uploads/skins/2016/08/16/skin_20160816025025125815.png?v302
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