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  1. Slimey

    i need builders

    scary and fancy
  2. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KrUvi71mYIA14nvykS9J0RWW62lxw_CXPJw9MEQComs/edit?usp=sharing save them............
  3. it already started who ever finds it... will get a ranked up it wont bite..... this is only the first part..... send me a screenshot when u make it cus i might think ur lying o yea there is 1 hint in main kinda close just look out for that ,,,,,
  4. Slimey

    i need builders

    im making a main i need good builders to help me upgrade the main the server is called HC3 mg and ill tell u more about it
  5. my house blew up by doing that thank u
  6. Slimey


    i fell off my chair that hurt
  7. it would be wired if the person above me was gay (prob is)
  8. sorry i did not answer but yea you can just get on when u can
  9. just get on and help mke build
  10. i need builders for maps and stuff dm and ill tell u more about it
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