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  1. u should be called grammarly if ur always going to complain about spelling
  2. who cares about the bad stuff?
  3. rate this tell me wut you think if i did already post this im sorry
  4. welp ima just give up bye
  5. i tried still does not work 😕
  6. like in eddynetweb im kinda lost
  7. my friend theched me a thing called a abortion kick its so cool
  8. NEW SERVER OPENED New server has opened Its a anarchy server come join If u want we are going to have more events In the future. SOME EVENTS IN THE FUTURE There might be some ls,zs,battle royal and some building battles so come on down to the anarchy server ill see u there bye people!
  9. uhh idk wut to say uh ye i changed HC3 name and more things im making the new server main now dm if u want to help
  10. i already said it was priv and no one joined well only 1 person but after i was done with main then i made it public
  11. well no and yes the server was oppend a year ago but it was priv then it became pub
  12. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KrUvi71mYIA14nvykS9J0RWW62lxw_CXPJw9MEQComs/edit?usp=sharing save them............
  13. it already started who ever finds it... will get a ranked up it wont bite..... this is only the first part..... send me a screenshot when u make it cus i might think ur lying o yea there is 1 hint in main kinda close just look out for that ,,,,,
  14. Slimey

    i need builders

    im making a main i need good builders to help me upgrade the main the server is called HC3 mg and ill tell u more about it
  15. my house blew up by doing that thank u
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