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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Happy holidays from the ClassiCube Team!



I hope everybody had a warm, safe Christmas.


Share with the class- what did you get for Christmas that you were excited about?

Don't celebrate Christmas? Tell us about your traditions.

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i got nothing for christmas because my gift will be late :imwaitting: also maybe i'd go buy cc on steam when i get a job to make my own server

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CreeperGoBoom was BANNED for this post by AndrewPH

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I got a new Aviator jacket! I have previously outgrown my other aviator jacket and I was asking for a new one. My family is into aviation a lot (if you don't know what aviation is it is where you fly aircraft)

 well he wasnt lying harrison ford GIF

 That is my gift to ya'll!

(Fun fact: did you know that Harrison Ford actually is a pilot in real life too?)

That file down there is a model aircraft that me and my dad are building over Christmas break! I am SO EXCITED!! (As you can tell by now I am an 11 year-old GEEK


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