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  1. Im shure goodly is not a google thing if he was NA2 would not be here
  2. WOW it should be shut down i had one of the admin give tons of coins so i could rank up and there is none of this stuff that you say happens it does not happen you the spammer and the one who complains about every thing if you have a problem then dont go in and say darn lies about a sever
  3. well if you get used to them idk they may not i think there okay
  4. wow that was amazing i think that should stay and you need to put 100,000 skins on there everyone would love it. have a good year and stay safe
  5. HAHAHH good one Destin242 and im not dateing you sorry :l
  6. MERRY Christmas every one how was your Christmas ???
  7. xyrfz

    i need help

    why cant you play with your friends? I dont get that you have a Account but what i think is you could be muted or baned that what i think there no other way
  8. well you can spice combo gave me a link to make one but you need discord so you can tell this dude that you made one
  9. xyrfz


    I think the snow is really cool i was think when i was going to post this maybe do something for Halloween like bats or pumpkins for next year
  10. So like the title said how to make a map in any sever do /os map add. now it my be that simple but its not yea its 1 cmd but you can let peeps build ban peeps from coming and do many more All you do is /os map and you can see the cmds and how to do them need any more help Message me
  11. If i finger out how to help i will message you.
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