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  1. Hey i was having problems with awards and the server not giveing them i clicked on your link goodlay and went to rewards and copyed the plugin but its not working out for me when they earn the award.
  2. xyrfz


    Well I don't like drama so yeh that's not trolling so this is ending now
  3. xyrfz


    Stop lieing all you did was hack my console and stole my server well since I can't talk in console because IDK why but I found a loop hole
  4. xyrfz


    Okay I fixed it my self thanks
  5. xyrfz


  6. xyrfz


    I have my Own server and have console but I go to awards and make my awards there and I deleted the ones that were already there but it's showing No awards have been added in your server yet I have even added them in player awards to and there not working well I don't know what player Awards is I'm guessing when they earn the award.
  7. should have thot about that before you got banned.
  8. Okay thank you guys. 🙂
  9. Ummmm i am varry confused why you were banned over a stupid prank even if it was then you should have thot of that before you got warned muted and banned
  10. Now unlike the some of us Ninja_king is vary wise about his stuff
  11. I agree with what Daniel said and the only thing is what gonna happen when a kid makes a sever is abuse evrey thing they can and what were gonna get in return is this sever is abusing everyone.
  12. I got to carried away messing with all the settings wondering what it all was and so i know what is all is its just i what to restart it so if im playing Ctf or Zs i dont hit key that i did not what to hit its like hotkeys but i know how to delete thos
  13. Okay thats funny as fuck my guy
  14. ummmmm okay this was a good chat im out now lmao
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