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  1. Chromies = spam. Would not recommend.
  2. When you launch CC make sure it says "Cef *.*.* initializing..." If it doesn't, you've installed CEF wrong. Another thing you may wanna do is /client cef create, then /client cef search (song), /client cef volume -g 100, after it starts playing. Make sure other sounds can play through your speakers, too.
  3. Is it in S mode? Also, try clicking "run anyway" if it says it's dangerous. Also try disabling antivirus software.
  4. Try playing video first. Then you can set speed volume etc.
  5. Try using /client cef create, /client cef search (song). You may have your sound mixer setup so that cef is muted, too. Try fooling around with sound settings.
  6. You can use Paint3d (or Paint if you don't want transparency) or any other drawing programs you can find, too. It doesn't have to be those tools.
  7. Still too expensive. Please wire me funds to pay you.
  8. ...that's not how it works. In essence, you need to have a machine running Linux, Windows, or any other OS that can support running C# programs. This way you can run the server software (MCGalaxy).
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOO So there are a few ways to achieve this: 1. Don't 2. Use eddynet 3. Use Linux files on your Chromebook (might make tutorial on this once I have a Chromebook)
  10. Seems like a skin issue. Maybe use a different skin and see if it works. Also, are you sure you followed the right steps on uploading/exporting?
  11. They're probably connecting with modern MC or some other direct IP connection. Tell your Instagram to use ClassiCube.
  12. I would say processing.js, it's simple to understand, and semi functional. Once you learn that, learn C#. Processing.js and C# are similar enough that you can take some of the basics of processing and put them to use in C#. Also check out GameBoy assembly, it's pretty lit 👌 Edit: oop- looks like I already replied half a year ago lol
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