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  1. Make sure custom blocks/cpe blocks are enabled in settings, then you can place them wherever, whenever, however. You can find this by pressing Esc > Options > Nostalgia > Enable custom blocks, or something like that. Also, the "blocks you start out with" are the only blocks you can use, as ClassiCube has never had (a real) survival. Just in case you were wondering. (many attempts have been made, many have fallen)
  2. Most of his plugins aren't public. This is one of those, I'm afraid. Edit: I was wrong.
  3. What do you mean by "not work?" Also, I believe cef requires the latest dev build, though don't quote me on that.
  4. Here are some general guidelines to be successful in your trip to the ClassiCube Forums. 1. Don't post in Tutorials if it isn't a tutorial. Post it in ClassiCube Central, or General Tomfoolery, or even "I need help!" Just don't post it in Tutorials. 2. Beg for people to react to your post with "funny" or "agree." Can you guys please react to my post with "funny" or "agree?" 3. Ask for survival mode follow community guidelines. The result of this is not breaking them. 4. Be successful. The final step to being successful is being successful. This is an important step, as it allows you to be successful. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. Happy posting! -henry242 (if this has helped you, you might wanna reconsider your life)
  5. Chromies = spam. Would not recommend.
  6. When you launch CC make sure it says "Cef *.*.* initializing..." If it doesn't, you've installed CEF wrong. Another thing you may wanna do is /client cef create, then /client cef search (song), /client cef volume -g 100, after it starts playing. Make sure other sounds can play through your speakers, too.
  7. Is it in S mode? Also, try clicking "run anyway" if it says it's dangerous. Also try disabling antivirus software.
  8. Try playing video first. Then you can set speed volume etc.
  9. Try using /client cef create, /client cef search (song). You may have your sound mixer setup so that cef is muted, too. Try fooling around with sound settings.
  10. You can use Paint3d (or Paint if you don't want transparency) or any other drawing programs you can find, too. It doesn't have to be those tools.
  11. Still too expensive. Please wire me funds to pay you.
  12. ...that's not how it works. In essence, you need to have a machine running Linux, Windows, or any other OS that can support running C# programs. This way you can run the server software (MCGalaxy).
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