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  1. I would say processing.js, it's simple to understand, and semi functional. Once you learn that, learn C#. Processing.js and C# are similar enough that you can take some of the basics of processing and put them to use in C#. Also check out GameBoy assembly, it's pretty lit 👌 Edit: oop- looks like I already replied half a year ago lol
  2. eat people buy a girlfriend and eat her maybe a house and an epic gamer pc, advertise how cool i am on youtube, buy an M.P.P. buy a warehouse too
  3. acer aspire v5-131 laptop 4gb of ram 128mb of video memory(?) lol it has a standard mointor output AND an hdmi output now a chromebook because windows screwed it up
  4. batch files using command prompt is how i started out
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