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  1. What operating system do you have? If you have linux/macOS download the release and get mono framework, usually by typing this into terminal: sudo apt-get install mono-complete Then mono MCGalaxy.exe
  2. Oh, ok. Here's some more: LOL (LLL [yes i know about lll]) Unify (Unity) Lava (Java) POOP (ROOP)
  3. C (C#) Jaa (Java) (C) Mama (Magma) rocessing.js (Processing.js) pp Inventor for Android's visual block language (App Inventor for Android's visual block language)
  4. use the sponge block, or ask staff on a server (or make your own) to upload the map for you, as single player has different physics than servers
  5. I mean, it probably is possible, you'll just have to go hunting for it. I'll post an update if I find out anything.
  6. Do you mean the name of the client? Or the actual client itself?
  7. Sorry I'm late, but you can make a shortcut by pressing More Tools > Create Shortcut...
  8. watch anime and eat humans pancakes (but with my gfree mix because im allergic to wheat)Insert other media
  9. could I go on other servers with this?
  10. acer aspire v5-131 laptop 4gb of ram 128mb of video memory(?) lol it has a standard mointor output AND an hdmi output now a chromebook because windows screwed it up
  11. batch files using command prompt is how i started out
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