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  1. It would be weird if I asked you to marry me out of nowhere, then after a week of being married you find out I'm actually a hologram.
  2. You might want to specify what plugin this is, what OS you're using, MCGalaxy version, etc.
  3. henry242


    T-That's the same thing. In some cases, I found that using a different username helped (this way I can connect to Jacob's CTF)
  4. Murder the CenturyLink CEO because it's probably the fifth time today.
  5. oh don't mind me- we went over to a friend's house to give them covid make pizza in their pizza oven (and ate it :D), while I, having a wheat sensitivity, made pizzas on corn tortillas (yum...?). after that, we went back home, where i had another easter dinner- my brother
  6. good luck on making one on my private smp :D edit: ip is EDIT: HOW DO I DELETE POSTS
  7. So there was this game called surviv.io, really fun game... UNTIL SEASON 3! The UI was a buggy mess, wouldn't work on my box sized monitor (one of the reasons I bought a new monitor :/ ). To this day, (season 6) it still remains one of the worst games out there. It will always hold a place in my heart though... PSYCHE!!
  8. Epic Mickey (Wii), Wiimm's Mario Kart Fun 2020-12 (Wii), Super Smash Flash 2 (Windows, Linux, Mac), ClassiCube (Hoping to port this to Wii), Minecraft, Subway Surfers (both new and old [I play on my old 2014 phone, but sometimes I play it on other's phones]), Wii Party (Wii), and countless others, but my favorite is probably Epic Mickey (NOT 2 OH GOD).
  9. eat people buy a girlfriend and eat her maybe a house and an epic gamer pc, advertise how cool i am on youtube, buy an M.P.P. buy a warehouse too
  10. 1. Fight Against an Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG OST 2. Fight Against an Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG OST 3. Fight Against an Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG OST 4. Fight Against an Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG OST 5. Fight Against a Stronger Monster - Super Mario RPG OST
  11. Woah, this is cool. But I'm sure a lot of us are wondering, what do you mean by "Steam sound assets?" EDIT: after downloading it and such, I realized that these sounds were different then the regular client. Cool.
  12. I got the greatest gift of all time- MEAT
  13. My grandma just said they don't know my mom anymore (because she wouldn't give grandma any gift ideas), so I guess we aren't going there for Christmas...
  14. if you have at least 4GB of ram on your chromebook, have an x64 processor and the linux feature enabled, you can make a perfectly usable, if not unstable server. you proabably want to make it whitelist only, since chromebooks can't handle a ton of updates(like cuboid, map creation, etc. [don't ask me how i know this]), and limit drawing commands. if you're on sleep mode, the server won't run
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