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  1. I personally like Lua, because it is easy to learn and fun to make. My favorite programs to use Lua are Pico 8, which is about $15 or if you want a free, browser version go to tic80.com. They are both really amazing and fun to code with. They are also easy to publish a public copy and make money off of. If you use Pico 8, you could publish it to itch.io and make some money off of your game. If you want to know more, just message me. --Whatever__
  2. The textures they have are really good for their maps, it gives them a certain feel.
  3. Comment your favorite map and what server its on below. Idk why im doin this im bored
  4. Thank you for those corrections, Flamore.
  5. Now know a lot more about Goodly. Neat. Why furry or whatever it is but not human? Just a question. On the topics of the furry community, I'm not saying your bad but they are a little "iffy." Also why dear? Does it symbolize something for you? --Whatever__ ❤
  6. Recently, I was banned on NA2, which is considered one of the best ClassiCube servers. It contains historic MC maps, great adventure maps, fun minigames, great staff, and more. I really enjoy playing on NotAwesome's crumble and guns, or just hanging out on my own map. I really hope that these maps of mine don't get deleted, for there is too much to be lost. Let me just get to the case. I was role playing with Granny, Blackroses, and Boi (can't remember original name) and it was sort of a mixed family/relationship role play. I made a joke about Blackroses being in my room, because it was like having a younger sibling, if they were doing something wrong, they got slapped by Granny. Anyway, evidently, Goodly keeps an eye on us all. I understand I have had notes before, but I wouldn't consider this something to be banned over, maybe just to be discussed. And I understand that each and every one of the staff will have a perfectly fine reason why to not unban me. And if I only get time to retrieve my maps and leave, that would be fine. I just would like the staff and people of NotAwesome to understand that I am truly sorry, that I love the server and everything about it, and would like to request an unban. And if not, please could any of the staff reply with a put.nu link with each of the files of my maps so that I can have them saved. Yours Truly, Whatever__, Former NA2 Regular
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