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  1. B*tch, I'm 12, and I don't need to understand the subject of WORK , so take that jerk >=(
  2. Nobody is on Not Awesome 2. Come keep me company for 1 coin.
  3. CookiJackie


    I am CookiJackie, aka Jackie203, aka DarkJac, aka DarkJac203, aka LordZombieButt, aka Zezekk, aka Evanchapman, aka ALT ACCOUNT LORD!
  4. CookiJackie


    Okay guys, Not Awesome 2 has been lacking lately. The amount of players has been rapidly decreasing, and we need to do something about it as a community. Comment some ideas which I'll show to Goodlyay. Thank you, and good day.
  5. because im stoopid :)
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody would be willing to make me a skin! I would like a blonde boy with blue eyes, with a cookie T-Shirt, and white high-tops!
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