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  1. I bought the hoodie a while back and it just arrived today. It's pretty comfy but it smells heavily of mustard. 8.5/10
  2. I'm using native client on Windows 10. I'm sure if I fiddle around with the tablet settings I could get it to work, I didn't try too much though.
  3. In my opinion, you should just stick with mouse and keyboard, don't buy a drawing tablet just to play ClassiCube. I use a GAOMON PD1161 and tried it out and it doesn't really work. The camera either spins around uncontrollably or doesn't move at all. Some tablets have a mouse mode setting you can use, so it's probably possible to get working, though I don't think it'd be worth the money for a worse control method for a game if that's your only reason for getting it.
  4. Yeah, I could definitely help out! I think it'll need a lot of planning, but it could probably work. Maybe we can have people in teams making their own sets, and help out where we can? Not too sure yet. I can also help with making the discord! Feel free to message me there if you're interested: malafox#1708
  5. Sounds like a pretty neat idea. I also think it'd be fun to host a sort of film festival in a server like this, having people make a short video (sort of Machinima style) with a specific theme or something in CC, then getting a big discord watch party to go through all of the submissions. Not sure if this is exactly the idea you had, or if this would even be feasible with the current player base but I thought it was a cool idea.
  6. can I shill Good & Evil here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBoQEROJNB99RMoFTE3G7GzXKL_-oqrso
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