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  1. absolutely the worst game ever. it's not even real
  2. ah, sorry. i somehow didnt notice the rabbit ears, i'll be sure to remember that. thanks.
  3. these are weird looking cats LOL
  4. Yolkbird


    The command you're looking for is /reward, however only admins can use it on message blocks also judging by how you mentioned "my server", I believe /reward is exclusive to NA2 unless you know how to code in commands, or something smart like that
  5. Probably something to do with keeping custom blocks safe from future texture and block additions, as well as making it slightly less tedious to update a terrain
  6. I am quite literally a genius. I'll be waiting for my 10 coins now the joke explained: why would i put effort in upscaling textures for ten coins
  7. grief is definitely the best level in na2
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