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  1. As I've said, I didn't see the warnings, You keep blocking out things i say.
  2. That is ignoring everything else i've said, The na2 chat is fast and filled with many people at Once.
  3. Im reading the NA2 rules right now and nowhere does it say its against the rules, to be inappropriate in the chat and it doesn't say it's against the rules to evade mute. I am not acting innocent, I am ok with being punished, I'm ok with being muted but 10 days for something not specified as a against the rules is unfair, I had no warnings except verbal ones by mainly non-staff members, The NA2 chat is too fast to read everything that is sent and not giving me a warning such as a 30 minute mute and It will get themessagee through, Oh I got muted i better listen to what they say. But when you verbally warn me in a fast moving chat about doing something that isn't a rule how am I going to know to stop.
  4. I know that this is not the best place to put it but I really have no where else to say it so... Recently I was muted on na2 for 10 days for being inappropriate, While I get how I can be muted for that. It seems 10 days is very long and being Inappropriate in chat is not against the rules so you would think a mute would not only be shorter as its not specifically against the rules but also as it was my first offense on NA2. I was soon also blacklisted from Building on freebuild there as I was using /mb to talk to people yet that is not against the rules either witch is why I would like the NA2 staff to consider giving me build back at least once I get unmuted and shortening my mute to a day. Thanks.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/woosh/
  6. I was playing on Not Awesome survival and I saw someone flying! I can't believe that someone would try to Hack this server? The Username of this Hacker was "Goodly"
  7. Sounds Cool man, I dunno how that Phone stuff works but do Samsung Phones use the android OS and if so would that work on them? Also Happy Halloween
  8. As someone who praises Andrew PH (Not that hes real) as a god im obligated to say you deserved it.
  9. The hell is a Animation Dream Skin? I've done some research and maybe this is what you're looking for??? https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/14784690/animation-dream/
  10. Does this include in public multiplayer servers? Or just the Forums?
  11. Do you think it is possible to make it a rule that any hate speech against a specific group of people or people?
  12. Can't wait man, Sounds like a epic project made by some of my 4 fav people (Matthew respond to my texts i love you)
  13. I really want to know if Racism is not allowed, I get that this is a controversial topic but is racism tolerated on the site? And if so would this include ethnicities and religions and just any hate speech against a specific group of people or peoples?
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