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  1. disagreed more words as padding text so I do get banned
  2. Ah yes, Classic I cool. my favorite
  3. Update: Jviteo is my new waifu!!!! hes so hot guys i love him so much uwu and we both love naked goodly
  4. omg guys so im going onto na2 and my classicube gf broke up with me >.< I loved her blocky legs so much and her skin was so H O T omg FuriousFireGIRL pls take me back bb so you can pound me with your pixelated thighs >.<
  5. chad daddy firewalls suck just port forward
  6. tHe LoCkPiCkInG mInI gAmE iN oBlIviOn
  7. You now have to do 2 factor authentication so for people who swap houses due to there parents being divorced life is P A I N
  8. @Goodly I have been looking at that top picture for a hour and understand wtf it is
  9. https://f.classicube.net/profile/23-goodly/ and https://f.classicube.net/profile/1-andrewph/
  10. Fuck Programming languages markup languages are H O T, You should learn HTML man, now that would be sexy
  11. Step 1: Port forward Step 2: Port forward Step 3: port forward
  12. 2020 was the best year ever, Better than 2014!
  13. If you guys can get my reputation to -10 by 2021 ill give you AndrewPH's nonexistent nudes. (The person who bans me is gay)
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