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  1. Hey, everyone. I'm returning to CC!! Don't really know if anyone care's xD But just wanted to say!
  2. Hello Guys Hope Your Staying Safe. But now it time to say by I'm not going to be on Classicube for awhile Just wanted to say if you guys notice I haven't play that much. I will come back soon but now Im GGhostbur : P
  3. Ghostbur


    Did you use eddynet? because then I would keep waiting.
  4. How to make bots move is /botset botname hunt (Just saying it only move toward online players) You can also make bots kill with /botset botname kill Hope this help
  5. Ghostbur

    Skin Help

    ok thank you 😄
  6. I think you need a plugin I would ask goodly if he know it.
  7. /color username (color) Like this /color Ghostbur Blue
  8. I can try to help later Also maybe ask crashbot101 for help with vehicles /g crashbot101+5 on NA2 to see some of his builds
  9. Ghostbur

    Skin Help

    What site could I go to do that?
  10. Ghostbur

    Skin Help

    Im looking for a skin for the sheep model... But thank you for trying 🙂
  11. Ghostbur

    Skin Help

    I know this is a weird question but can someone find or make a Blue Sheep skin for the sheep model?
  12. What is your favorite Not Awesome 2 world? and Why do you like that map? My would be NewAnderson+ Because I get Idea on what to build. (I posted this because I was bored :l)
  13. I like the "Your new boyfriend" By Wilbur Soot on YouTube/Twitch
  14. For the server do /os gb add For just a world do /os lb add Hope this helps.
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