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  1. Well the china people gave it to us but that's alright lets survive it! i believe in all of u covid will go away i promise! well thats the story i hear gee heard*
  2. Heyy guys so its almost valentines day and im wishing covid will be gone in 2024 well thats what i am hoping so yah but i hope the people or famliy members are getting better and happy valentines! be safe! ❤️
  3. Oh damn ik destin is a player don't trust him im talking to all of u got that,
  4. Oi guy's so how are you all there's been rough time's in life but u can get over them easily well sometime's not all the time i had a little fight with kelechi_ogan and nightwing so ya it was rough but i got over it it was easy at the start but on my cloolgirl account it was fun but i stopped for a couple month's to take a break bc i had alot of rough time's so please dont be sad bc u lost ur friends be happy make new friends bye!🙋
  5. Oh my god i hope they feel alot better! pls tell them to feel better and be nice to echother?
  6. Hey you guy's so i just wanna make sure you guy's are all safe because my sister had covid and mom and grandma so pls stay safe and dont joke around about covid bye please get better for the people that are sick.... ❤️
  7. Hello The_alt can u go to deadkillers server tommoro at 3:20 please i need ur help getting a texture pack thanks?
  8. Hello Please go to not awsome and help me build because i suck at building lmao so please go their Bye!
  9. i just want you guys to know my sister and grandma and mom had covid so please watch out for covid be safe you guys?
  10. Hi!? All of classic cube members I was at a server i dont know what its called but a person named Super_Noob said he hacks servers and he said i will hack Polices server next Please ban him if he does Thank You Bye?
  11. Btw Destin was not dating the girl he said hes a liar he told me? Thanks For Commenting It That Means alot and im sorry if you guys had covid19 or if any family members please tell them to get better i pray for them?
  12. Hello! i hope u guys are doing alright i just wanna make sure bc of covid i hope u guys are fine and have lots of fun on classic cube? <.> Btw Destin was not dating the girl he said hes a liar he told me?
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