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  1. oh and you mini modding and calling me a necro? how dare you
  2. wasn't my text enough english? duh i hate you the fact you gotta comment it like its in facebook go make fun of someone else text you gimfreak
  3. well you can appeal for it,rdc is a thing you know When you update the autopsy report - YouTube
  4. imagine if koneko kitten did a video on classi cube but it would ruin the game community because filled of roblox players and some ogs will call it a mc old ripoff but koneko gets an skin already made for the contribution but dont worry koneko is a nice person
  5. How about mafia? like the one on ponytown or fashion roullete?
  6. i dont seee it so lately with players kinda died wished it had a redux version(i hope mods dont get confused with a minigame and an actual survival mode) it had on a particular galaxy server.
  7. i will take you to GRAPHICTORIA
  8. i guess no one remembers the click amnesia dark crescent videos they're fun just like old pewdiepie! Now click does gacha reddit things its kinda repetitive(reminds me of skeppy jeez) i think his gaming rush stopped due to lack of what to search for? or just ran out of ideas :checkvibe: if he was like Manlybadasshero probally would do horror maker games content.
  9. merry LONG Yaoi BoWSER :hahakillme:
  10. i got nothing for christmas because my gift will be late :imwaitting: also maybe i'd go buy cc on steam when i get a job to make my own server
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