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  1. Exciting! I'm looking very forward to seeing the completion of the map and even better how it symbolizes an amazing group of people. 😁
  2. It was fun playing with you hope you decide to return someday 😄
  3. Don't ask for survival in forums as it won't happen by request
  4. Again because people do not understand or arent reading the Tournament is April 24th at these times. Please use the time that is your timezone. If your timezone isnt below use Google to convert the time to your given timezone 5:00 PM Saturday, Eastern Time r 4:00 PM Saturday, Central Time 2:00 PM Saturday, Pacific Time 10:00 PM Saturday, in United Kingdom
  5. Main reason this probably wont happen is the fact that most chromebook kids that do make servers end up just having servers out there with 0 players and no point to actually having it. There will always be that one server that will randomly get lots of players but the chances of that happening to your server is like 0-90000000 chance since there is already dominate servers on ClassiCube.
  6. this is an issue with MCGalaxy, the refrences for plugins have been changed since so thats most likley why
  7. I just throw my router at the wall and if that doesnt fix the issue just throw it off a roof into water then plug it back n for 15 seconds and should work.
  8. I think its just you mate
  9. The answer is "What does yes ok come with me no yea its fine mate, your coming with me or no, yes?"
  10. Its fake @Desaxu he is going into /cuboid a world i bet
  11. sigh delete the app rn lol if it asks for something like that dont trust it
  12. Doesnt mean that the server you are playing on lags. FPS lag has absolutely nothing to do with Internet or the servers host
  13. Yes and that is in Chinese i believe so I wouldnt trust it
  14. Apk's can contain viruses yes
  15. you are probably just lagging and or a player is using invisible model
  16. Virus most likley just from looking at it
  17. Who: AndrewPH Where: Non Existant
  18. tbf i dont even know lol but what I do know this kid shouldnt be on forums since he is only 11 Bruh this kid just sent me a msg on Discord and he is saying he is crying because he is banned lmfao
  19. Yes i know you said the owner, i... im not blind.
  20. You must be age 13 or older to register an account with ClassiCube
  21. well andrewph about to ban your account, you are underage 😄
  22. Well you have to be 10 to enter and have to been playing for 90 years
  23. legit just realized something The spring symbolizes life being grown after winter so the Easter bunny is also apart of spring so the Easter bunny could be considered a sexual reference that most people wouldnt think about. Have fun not thinking about this for the next 5 weeks
  24. you are not permitted into UWFAO try again after 1000 years of training.... then u maybe ready
  25. also if you dont know what UWFAO is you are probably some 3 year old who is playing on a chromebook and dont need to know 😛 Well then tango ur to young to watch it
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