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  1. yes i do i have people that said you were 11 cause u said it in a classicube server dont lie! i have screenshot's
  2. his voice tell's it all lmao
  3. ur not 13 neither tetrisplayer2
  4. can yall bring not awesome survival back it was the best server i love that server please bring it back!!!
  5. why did the chicken cross the road to get to the other side #corny jokes
  6. ok thank you lunar454
  7. so if you wanna set a main to zombie survival so like every time it change and someone come on it will send them to the zs map
  8. no its not it might be your internet connection or you might need to reset your router cause its not down i see people on na2 and server's
  9. it might be just eddyn.net working on some stuff
  10. ok i see you fox news weather man
  11. Deasia_2021

    map motd

    i seen it done on kai's pvp server
  12. Deasia_2021

    map motd

    yes you can i seen people do it
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