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  1. So you probably need a decent a amount of frames. Try disabling V-sync, My FPS went from 240 to 9000+ just by disabling that option. Of course it’ll make you pc render frames wastefully. But it’ll be smooth consistently. If you have money in your hands, try buying a better pc. And of course a monitor because if you get high fps you’re going to see 60 anyway, so buy a monitor over 60hz. Getting a better cpu will also help. Any cpu with over 6 cores would work. Of course you need a gpu for peek performance. Keep in mind that CC is easy to run. With a 3090 you will be getting over 10k. Which is somewhat common to get high frames in CC. With a good pc of course Here are some benchmarks of my pc for proof with i9 10900k RTX 3090 Classicube: 7000-12000 fps(bruh) Minecraft: 500-3000 fps Minecraft with rtx: 90-150 fps CPU avg clock speed when running these games 4.6ghz-5.3ghz (I overclocked)
  2. Step 1: Buy a 390hz moniter Step 2: Get good gpu Step 3: Throw away your crapbook
  3. Guys you can check out the twin towers in a server called Cosmic's galaxy join and do /g world-trade-center to go see it, it's still a W.I.P The height of the tower reaches build limit.
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