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  1. Why are you telling us you steped on a lego thats nothing inportant
  2. Why would you want to get yourself banner please tell us I dont get it
  3. My favroit server is 1 CTF 2 Epic legends 3 Silvercraft 4 Beachyworlds 5 Not awesome 2 6 True Anarchy project 7 Panda anarchy banall 8 2d2t 9 omegabuild 2 10 MasterlazorX 11 Megacraft 12 Countdown 13 New blood 14 Astral Dream
  4. The full update was splited into two diffrent updates the first one they going to try and add the blocks and the second The big caves and mountain
  5. with 1000000 dollars i would own a International Airport lol
  6. Still dont post Stupid shit on the Forums Before you get banned
  7. Only post stuff on the Forums if you need help or you have a question not to post stuff you think is funny
  8. shut the fuck up we know you arent the real unspeakable
  9. The game is the fifth of a series of World War II vertical shooters made by Capcom, the 19XX series. The game takes place in the heated battles of 1944 during the Second World War as two super ace pilots, P-38 Lightning and Mitsubishi A6M Zero are attempting to defeat an entire army.
  10. id like to be a admin also when will the server be up??
  11. We agree with Goodly more. Because Destroying someone, build was never the best idea instead of griefing use something called commands not use warn all the time its considered abusing so i would recomend using command instead of griefing commands are there for a reason if someone is iratating you you would do /mute not /warn if someone is griefing do /perbuild -(playername) not /warn if someone is spaming you do/mute not /warn and did you even let your staff members to help no you didn't it was all you abusing /warn so if you want someone to stop being rude use the moderation commands you have available not using /warn all the time and threating someone to delete you build deleting is consider (Griefing) and you are a co owner your not supposed to be Griefing anways so if you want to be a good co owner always be respectful to your guests even how they behave.
  12. stop putting in 1 word posts WILL get you banned if you dont want to get banned stop putting one word posts
  13. i would not have any rules and let people do what ever they what
  14. add a texture pack for 1.17 caves and see what that looks like and i do like the 1.7.10 and 1.14
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