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  1. Hey i know youve done some bad things dont feel bad about yourself we understand just dont do it again i knows its hard to have all those accounts but dont say bad things about yourself it doesnt hurt the outside of you but it hurts the inside of you hope you understand
  2. Thanks, Panda im not used to it anymore cause usually on my side it updates instantly and yes i cliked the link it says its saved
  3. lashednova

    Skin issues

    So i changed my cc skin and saved it but when i go on different servers its still my last skin so i changes but it doesnt change for other people Help plz
  4. It very obviously this is fake 1 herobrine isn't real its a hoax 2 the images in the video are from minecraft not classicube so theres no proof its fake
  5. Ecraft is already a server already made So stealing someone's server is Rude if you want a server just make one using one of the templates not other peoples server
  6. with 1000000 dollars i would own a International Airport lol
  7. maybe you should something better then a house A MANSION
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