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  1. My fav songs are Neffex-Numb Neffex - How its supposed to feel Rival - Live on Falling North - Lies you keep Rival - Oblivion NEFFEX - Born a Rockstar
  2. I highly doubt you saw Herobrine most of the sightings on Classicube or Minecraft are usually all fake.
  3. You can play Minecraft on a chromebook You either can use bedrock from the minecraft launcher or Minecraft Education Edition
  4. Is there a download version for Chromebook?
  5. I tried what you said and it did not work.
  6. Hello, I was playing on NA2 and was on the freebuild and noticed that the textures weren't loading in and i asked but no one knew what to do. Does anyone know what to do?
  7. On a mutiplayer server you use /nick (your player name) (name you want) and then press enter THIS DOES NOT WORK ON SINGLEPLAYER
  8. Honestly i don't think this is real and first of all its {Herobrine} if he is not real in Minecraft how do you expect us to believe its real in a fake version of mine craft Of course anyone who can make a fake version of mine craft can make it so Herobrine is in the game by using coding so in my perspective this isn't real and its probably a player using the herobrine skin just to scare us and also let me remind you this is a multiplayer server so this has to be fake and its just a player using a herobrine skin.
  9. with 1000000 dollars i would own a International Airport lol
  10. maybe you should something better then a house A MANSION
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