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  1. yes he would but its true hes not real
  2. why does people start thinking herobrine is real even though hes not real makes no sence
  3. Herobrine isnt real and hes right this is a complately difrent game herobrine has only been seen since in 2010 so yeah that is all a lie whoever made this confastaion Herobrine isnt real you motherfucker
  4. before when i did it i didnt do anything you told us but now it let me do it after 1 fucking month so now i have an acount
  5. police i dont think there going to do that becasuse nether isnt a thing they could and the end or the ather and thats it i guess from your friend lashednova
  6. but how herobrine is a urban legend and not real so i dont know how you saw him even though hes not real oh and hi police
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