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  1. I just tried that and it does not work thanks for the help tho
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make a horror Game like | Minecraft Cave Dweller and Man From The Fog | is there any way I can add like ambient sounds and like spawn triggers for the entity please reply
  3. I don't think he is referring to a server on Classicube I bet that he is saying that he Started a Minecraft Server and that it's only open 3-4 hours a day and this has nothing to do with classicube.
  4. What does this have to do with classicube? We all know you can play classicube on browser or on the downloadable version. Also, why are you telling us this.
  5. I love the word 'Yes' when my parents say 'yes' its the best.
  6. My fav songs are Neffex-Numb Neffex - How its supposed to feel Rival - Live on Falling North - Lies you keep Rival - Oblivion NEFFEX - Born a Rockstar
  7. I highly doubt you saw Herobrine most of the sightings on Classicube or Minecraft are usually all fake.
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