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  1. 🤔I think he doesnt exist either just un popular opinion
  2. This s the 900th Post... Very Amazing! Also NA2 game night tonight
  3. ok...? Why exactly did we need to know thats and why did u post it in cc central when its not related to cc?
  4. umm first of all what second this post isnt good and by that i mean u didnt explain anything
  5. I am pleased to announce that PVP lands server is now open! The server is currently in BETA but will eventually become fully workable. this server will be a subsidary of XMC, feel free to join and have a amazing time! More updates on server will be posted eventually
  6. We still love you Dani ❤️
  7. lol this is what it was for most of the day yesterday
  8. Just in case you didnt know the forums website is back up
  9. But if I think of this to think of this how am I even thinking at all?
  10. imagine imagining about the imaging of other who also like to imagine imgine imagining about others. Use this statement in any situation to just straight up confuse someone else
  11. tank Good its up it was down for everyone on the East coast
  12. YouTube is down 😞 Vewy sad time for the world right now
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