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  1. In order to do this you have to do /gb or /lb depending on if you want it server wide or just for a level, then the block ID and then type order 0 after, which will make it not show in the inventory. Hope this helps
  2. Note pack not finalized I just wanted to share images since a few people have been asking me about the pack and when it will be released and this is the sky texture
  3. Best roast of 2021 question mark? lol
  4. Yes true but Linux on the chromebook runs as a emulator that is installed on to the chromebook so Linux will be wayy laggier than just using a Windows 10 with 64 bit capibillities
  5. MegaPVP

    Bot help

    Yea you cant pay a NPC / Bot because the game files dont have a code were bots can become gucci, which I hope isnt added, but you can do /bot text MegaPVP MegaOWO paid MegaPVP 9 moneys which the outcome would look like this MegaOWO paid MegaPVP 9 moneys But actually giving bots money not existent
  6. replying about problem with chromebooks. One simple reason, Chromebooks are a excuse of a laptop and should only be used for browsing the web or school
  7. It was a private conversation from what Venk told me
  8. Venk has said that unk is willing to add it
  9. Im so lost rn why would you ask a question like that? First I can explain how this will not work in one simple word © Although modding capibilities in CC would be pretty cool ngl
  10. I think from reading this sentence I have lost -69 brain cells. Someone please send smartness lol
  11. This would never happen because it would cause chromebook kids to make pointless and not played servers, but if u really want to make a server for yourself then you can use MCGalaxy on a windows 10 or Windows 8+ And I do not recommend getting a new chromebook, because chrome os sucks ass firstly second Windows laptops can be the same price as a new chromebook but with 1000% more capabilitys and things u can do. +ClassiCube Downloadable client can be ran instead of webclient
  12. Poggers: YES or NO And why? Also can we just all say Venk is a god damn legend?
  13. Maybe add a custom background feature for forum posts, thats pretty much only thing i can think of for now
  14. This is a remake of the 512x Texture from RLCraft thoughts on it for a CC compatible texture? To be fair I dont really want to have to spent the time and effort to change up some of the block ID's but if someone wants to use this texture or just likes it. I will invest my time into it
  15. Can i just ask one thing. Why would u make this instead of doing something like making a new type of pizza or something that would be cooler 😄
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