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  1. If you are using school wifi they probably have stuff set up to prevent you from accessing stuff like ClassiCube. If not then check your internet and make sure u have a strong connection.
  2. Exciting! I'm looking very forward to seeing the completion of the map and even better how it symbolizes an amazing group of people. 😁
  3. It was fun playing with you hope you decide to return someday 😄
  4. I just throw my router at the wall and if that doesnt fix the issue just throw it off a roof into water then plug it back n for 15 seconds and should work.
  5. Mine would have to be 5-Firefly pt. II- Jim Yosef 4-NorthStar-Remix by: XXXTentacion 3-Faded- Alan Walker 2- Stressed Out by: Twenty One Pilots 1- Chlorine by: Twenty One Pilots i did some calculations and my top genre out of my songs is Alternative Music
  6. Note pack not finalized I just wanted to share images since a few people have been asking me about the pack and when it will be released and this is the sky texture
  7. Wont let me login just refreshes the screen
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