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  1. Tempted to get the hoodie
  2. caught me lacking lmfaoo gg
  3. there is a way if you have the linux client but there is no way to add it on web client.
  4. Google Translate ist nicht immer korrekt
  5. Ninja_King

    I cant log in

    lol andrewph's account is on that website
  6. Ninja_King#5108 i wont be replying right now i will reply tommorow.
  7. like i said any questions and complaints take it to discord. Epic Legends has been running for almost a year i recently reset the server and lost the files and my backup file was corrupted so until i make a new main i asked goodlyay if i can use it and i had enough time to finish that main for a while due to me being in school if you have further questions either take it to discord or stop buggin.
  8. bro i ligit asked goodlyay if i can use it for a bit until i finish building a main get your fucking facts straight before you say shit. 2. i used that map to troll not to make it a ligit freebuild if you have any questions or complaints feel free to hit me up on discord.
  9. Honestly we don't need anymore Survival server's there are 2 actually good survival servers already unless you plan on makeing your server unique like adding in custom crafts and new features i don't think you are gonna get players.
  10. that is why you always have a backup of MCGalaxy.zip it is back of the whole server. then just reinstall the server and upload that fie in /home/container/ then go on console and do /server restore. and never give kids *cough cough FishedMint cough cough* console access i think you know how to tell whos a kid or not another thing is dont give them access to delete files.
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