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  1. why you flooding central bro its kinda annoying last couple of posts were made by you or oofy like bro stop plz
  2. lol bc i used some app that made it like that i to late to fix now tho.
  3. Epic Legends Event! The recent event of @Goodly releasing the NAS plugin it created a survival community in CC. There are several Servers with this plugin go ahead and try them out but we as staff of Epic Legends call an event! This event is hosted on Epic Legends [Survival!]. We invite all CC users to participate in this event! This event is hosted on Oct 1, 2021 at 4pm EST and will end on Oct 9, 2021 4pm EST. Will Edit for Further Notice. Details of this event Anyone can participate in this event there is no player limit or anything of the sort. The point of this event is whoever is the most stacked player on the server by the end of one week will get a reward on the server and on discord. Follow The Rules And Don’t cheat. Join with the normal client or join with the web client. Epic Legends Staff can not participate in this event. Rewards First Place winner will get 1000 Coins + Rank of DiamondAge + Role Master Survivalist on Epic Legends Discord Server Second Place winner will get 600 Coins + Rank of GoldAge. Third Place winner will get 200 Coins + Rank of SilverAge. Rules Join with the normal client or web client. Do not take or steal other players items staff will be monitoring all contestants. follow all in-game rules Failure to follow these rules and rules on the server will result in severe consequences. How to participate in this event If you want to participate in this event just say “I want to Participate” in the comments below. We as staff of Epic Legends hope you enjoy this event! If You have any questions just ask in the comments below or you can register on the forums https://epiclegends.boards.net and post your questions in the general section.
  4. Mine is. . . 1.) New Blood [Zombie Survival] i am a legit addicted to NBZS i am on 12h every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday. 2.) New Blood [Map Build] i like building maps for ZS its fun to see how people react to it. 3.) Epic Legends (My Server) I Work hard to make that server a peaceful place to be and i work on custom commands and plugins for the server from time to time.
  5. ok alex dm me webhook for my discord server if your not busy i dont have access to discord atm
  6. https://github.com/derekdinan/ClassiCube-Stuff/blob/master/MCGalaxy/Plugins/IRCWebhook.cs
  7. i was trying to add venks plugin to my server but i don't know how to get the web hook URL on esper.net i tried searching the web on how to get it but no usefull answers so im now asking the people of ClassiCube for help if you know how to get the URL Dm me or just reply. Thanks, ~Ninja_King
  8. hold on that wasnt me it was my little cousin i had signed in to classicube on his device and i forgot to sign out plz remove note? @123DontMessWitMe and also plz sign me out of all devices i cant find the button in settings xD
  9. this is what starts most server drama's i own 3 servers and no drama from them. take goodlyays advise man just ignore them if they bug you just mute them ur server ur rules do what you think is best for it.
  10. do you know how to code at all?
  11. that is why you always have a backup of MCGalaxy.zip it is back of the whole server. then just reinstall the server and upload that fie in /home/container/ then go on console and do /server restore. and never give kids *cough cough FishedMint cough cough* console access i think you know how to tell whos a kid or not another thing is dont give them access to delete files.
  12. do you know how to code in c#???
  13. @DeetPlayer try doing "/physics 0" so the water doesnt flood again
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