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  1. if you don't like what i say/post don't comment on it.
  2. Donate to help this Possum out. Click here to Donate.
  3. lmfao do your parents not give you enough attention at home? you talk professional but you act like your 8 years old you got banned for impersonating staff and your still impersonating staff lol.
  4. What is Epic Legends Survival? Epic Legends Survival is a survival server that has features like sprint and crouch and many more coming. What has been added: •Normal Nas features. • Crouching (toggled by RSHIFT). • Sprint. Coming soon: • Pvp. •Mobs. •Player warps(I know its a thing but apparently it kills you when you warp or teleport anywhere.) • More craftable blocks.
  5. Ninja_King#5108 i wont be replying right now i will reply tommorow.
  6. like i said any questions and complaints take it to discord. Epic Legends has been running for almost a year i recently reset the server and lost the files and my backup file was corrupted so until i make a new main i asked goodlyay if i can use it and i had enough time to finish that main for a while due to me being in school if you have further questions either take it to discord or stop buggin.
  7. bro i ligit asked goodlyay if i can use it for a bit until i finish building a main get your fucking facts straight before you say shit. 2. i used that map to troll not to make it a ligit freebuild if you have any questions or complaints feel free to hit me up on discord.
  8. Honestly we don't need anymore Survival server's there are 2 actually good survival servers already unless you plan on makeing your server unique like adding in custom crafts and new features i don't think you are gonna get players.
  9. Hey Doge just type in chat "/mi env" and it will show you the link to the current texturepack/terrain. Get the link to the texturepack/terrain and go on your own server's console or ingame and type in chat "/texture global [link].
  10. ask unk about it same thing happned to me and he's the one who helped me out.
  11. he wont reply lel i know for a fact he doesn't have a giftcard.
  12. Honestly eddynet should have the requirement of the knowledge of C# to get a server. but good luck on the server.
  13. why you flooding central bro its kinda annoying last couple of posts were made by you or oofy like bro stop plz
  14. lol bc i used some app that made it like that i to late to fix now tho.
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