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  1. it's called 'consuming sugar'
  2. i'm fond of minecraft, automation, scs truck sims, and kerbal the most among others
  3. i lean towards mainly mods like buildcraft, ic2, forestry and railcraft myself, though i do also like quark, optifine and biomes o plenty
  4. bread bank is bank that is bread yes
  5. i can't go to Kraków because my back isn't safe-a there
  6. 0 millimeters do i get my cookie now
  7. One I know is that it's illegal to die in the island of Svalbard because your body stays intact due to the permafrost
  8. public school after like 2015 xd
  9. when i try to be precise but whatever i'm using is so slippery that it becomes really difficult
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