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  1. Thats because u werent taught that If we started saying Cookn and Bakeies then Bacon and Cookies wouldnt sound right
  2. 1: Why is bacon called bacon, and cookies called cookies, when you COOK bacon and BAKE cookies. 2: Do clothes in China just say "Made down the road"? 3: If your shirt isn't tucked into your pants, are your pants tucked into your shirt? 4: If you're invisible, and you close your eyes, can you see through your eyelids? 5: If you're in the living room, and you pass away, did you die or are you just knocked out?
  3. I do understand that new skins will eventually load into the game, but i have two accounts and on my new one the skins load very quickly. Is this because the more times you've changed skins, the longer it will take to update them? If so what is the average load time, if i took a guess i'd say about 30 mins to an hour.
  4. ElitePrime

    Fist Fight

    I'm sure u know the minecraft feature where u can hit people, can you add that to the game, along with some sort of health bar, i made a fight club, bot i wanna change the "fighting" part to punching instead of shooting. Keep It Chill, Elite
  5. ElitePrime


    If anyone reading this can do this, I think it'd be cool if there was a clothing menu like where to put on armor and stuff. Also pls add Elytra to the game so u can glide around and do base jumping and stuff. Pls N' Thnx Elite
  6. It said Debian aleksb385. THANKS!!!
  7. ok Debian GNU/Linux is the NAME=
  8. im just using Linux Terminal...i think
  9. what's cd'd and what's distro...i have low iq in the field
  10. I hope im not wasting ur time, but id like a tutorial...or break it down...bc that command said no such file or directory
  11. ElitePrime


    Hello, it's Elite. I dont know how to install classicube on linux through files...is there a linux command to install it?
  12. Lol...just one i found...thnx tho
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