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  1. a pc i had wasnt booting properly and i reseated the ram and it works flawlessly does that count as fixing a pc
  2. holy shit i never could of thought of this 😨
  3. roblox studio tf? idk if thats a game, more of a way to make a game
  4. bitch you like minecraft earth? didnt they stop pushing updates for that, and wasnt it total dogshit?
  5. i personally think x86 Assembly (i think thats what it is, im pretty sure its not machine language) is the best language.
  6. optifine good for shitty pcs like mine
  7. are you logged in ingame and its probably a server bug so it should take a bit
  8. bread kinda looks like an ass if you have the right loaf of bread
  9. i ask because i dont know ho-wait... i think i found out, nevermind.
  10. finally a sport i can get into
  11. are you guys proud of me... yet again?
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