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  1. top 5 from Stats for Spotify Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull Only 12 Years Old - Flower Leperds Mexican Radio - Celtic Frost (???) Zombie Attack - Tankard War Ensemble - Slayer top 5 from Last.fm (top 5 would be D.R.I. since they're the band i've been listening to this week but i decided to dig deeper for other bands) Thrashard - D.R.I. Fucking Hostile - Pantera Captor of Sin - Slayer Chemical Warfare - Dead Kennedys We Are The League - Anti-Nowhere League
  2. Anything by Suicidal Tendencies. Hardcore, Up-Beat and Kickass, especially their first 2 albums, jeez, are they good, amazing band.
  3. probably ocd and that one plastic texture pack from the old console versions of minecraft, ive always liked those simplistic texture packs and i have no clue on why i'll probably get a texture pack that makes everything look like its from fucking old 3d dos games with flat shaded polygons and random vector lines in the shape of a tower
  4. you cant even do anything much with an ip address
  5. both games let you build detailed cocks so i think they're equally good
  6. tech guns because i got views from it
  7. first you join a friend's server, then grind for sticks and cobble, then fill their houses up with around, eeehhhh id say 4000 levers edit: i just realized i misread this post so fuck it imma rephrase this
  8. just masturbate not sure, usually you ask someone and then you find something to do but it isnt because of the answers they gave you, once i asked someone what do i do when im bored and before i send that someone sent a gif of star wars and boom now im binge watching star wars,
  9. covid didnt change my life much ive always been inside
  10. optifine good for shitty pcs like mine
  11. remember sonic pinball on the genesis that shit was so slow because it was C++ lmfao
  12. jokes side, what the actual fuck are you snorting, sonic cd was the best one
  13. bro you probably think games like cod bo1 and sonic cd are good games man actual good games are cheetamen and big rigs
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