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  1. tech guns because i got views from it
  2. first you join a friend's server, then grind for sticks and cobble, then fill their houses up with around, eeehhhh id say 4000 levers edit: i just realized i misread this post so fuck it imma rephrase this
  3. just masturbate not sure, usually you ask someone and then you find something to do but it isnt because of the answers they gave you, once i asked someone what do i do when im bored and before i send that someone sent a gif of star wars and boom now im binge watching star wars,
  4. my balls do but not my teeth wait arent teeth bones, how do bones itch, what are bones made of, how do bones heal themselves WHAT THE FUCK IS A KNEE edit: did not realize i already posted here but eh what the fuck
  5. 1. One - Metallica 2. No Vaseline - Ice Cube 3. Walk This Way - Aerosmith and Run DMC (both versions are basically the same) 4. Tiny Voices - Bad Religion 5. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (stop laughing)
  6. i thought teeth were bones how do they itch
  7. you guys know who invented the word "invent"
  8. covid didnt change my life much ive always been inside
  9. a pc i had wasnt booting properly and i reseated the ram and it works flawlessly does that count as fixing a pc
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