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  1. a hitman so i can feel like a shittier version of agent 47
  2. top 5 from Stats for Spotify Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull Only 12 Years Old - Flower Leperds Mexican Radio - Celtic Frost (???) Zombie Attack - Tankard War Ensemble - Slayer top 5 from Last.fm (top 5 would be D.R.I. since they're the band i've been listening to this week but i decided to dig deeper for other bands) Thrashard - D.R.I. Fucking Hostile - Pantera Captor of Sin - Slayer Chemical Warfare - Dead Kennedys We Are The League - Anti-Nowhere League
  3. Anything by Suicidal Tendencies. Hardcore, Up-Beat and Kickass, especially their first 2 albums, jeez, are they good, amazing band.
  4. tech guns because i got views from it
  5. covid didnt change my life much ive always been inside
  6. optifine good for shitty pcs like mine
  7. remember sonic pinball on the genesis that shit was so slow because it was C++ lmfao
  8. I made that post before i had CPUID Anyways, i have an Intel Core i5 3320M i didnt use DXDiag or CPUID at the time, so my dumbass used System Information and couldnt find the processor until i found out about DXDiag
  9. My laptop is a Dell Inc. Latitude E6230 Intel HD Graphics 4000 (HD my ass) 8,192 MB of RAM No processor apparently A 512 GB Internal HDD (With a 2tb external drive because fuck you) 1366x768 Resolution for internal monitor.
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