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  1. you forgot about the hacking minigame from fallout 3/new vegas
  2. whilst you are technically correct, it isnt meant to be a rhythm game, it has many rhythm elements to it that make it kind of a rhythm game.
  3. lol i dont go to school yet and ever heard of time zones?
  4. can you stfu i've seen an 8 year old on roblox be more mature than you.
  5. My laptop is a Dell Inc. Latitude E6230 Intel HD Graphics 4000 (HD my ass) 8,192 MB of RAM No processor apparently A 512 GB Internal HDD (With a 2tb external drive because fuck you) 1366x768 Resolution for internal monitor.
  6. imagine a 3 factor authentication
  7. on an emulator lol i mean maybe you got the trilogy with english patches on repro carts because welcome to north america
  8. what a nice source port of cc lol
  9. title oh yeah this made me paranoid about hot farts if you know what i mean
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