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  1. 1. One - Metallica 2. No Vaseline - Ice Cube 3. Walk This Way - Aerosmith and Run DMC (both versions are basically the same) 4. Tiny Voices - Bad Religion 5. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (stop laughing)
  2. i thought teeth were bones how do they itch
  3. you guys know who invented the word "invent"
  4. covid didnt change my life much ive always been inside
  5. a pc i had wasnt booting properly and i reseated the ram and it works flawlessly does that count as fixing a pc
  6. roblox studio tf? idk if thats a game, more of a way to make a game
  7. bitch you like minecraft earth? didnt they stop pushing updates for that, and wasnt it total dogshit?
  8. i didnt know roblox was in cc the fuck
  9. i personally think x86 Assembly (i think thats what it is, im pretty sure its not machine language) is the best language.
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