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  1. Scav

    More FPS

    Yeah, as Goodly stated, your monitor probably can't display more than 60. As a result, there's not really much point in having more FPS than your monitor can display. Setting your client to NoLimit FPS is a bit pointless, because your PC will be wastefully rendering frames that you don't even see.
  2. Scav

    Map Question

    You can type /os map pervisit [rank] to set the minimum rank for people to visit your map. In addition to this, there is also a visit whitelist and visit blacklist, which can be used to change the visit permissions for individual users. To add someone to the visit whitelist (or remove them from the visit blacklist), you can type /os map pervisit +[username]. Players on the visit whitelist can visit your map even if they don't have the rank to do so normally. To add someone to the visit blacklist (or remove them from the visit whitelist), you can type /os map pervisit -[username]. Players on the visit blacklist cannot visit your map even if they have the rank to do so normally. To view the status of your map's visit rank, whitelist, and blacklist, you can type /mi [map name].
  3. Scav


    A 3x0 Wax Block Jump (a custom block with a speed of 0.75) is a pretty difficult jump, as it requires near-perfect timing. Also this jump from Red -> Yellow is tough to complete. It resembles a double-neo as there's a double gap but only 1 block to jump around. Yellow -> Red is possible too but from my experience it's easier to complete.
  4. Scav

    Hi everybody!

    If you have the image URL for a skin, you can type /skin and it'll work the same way too, so you don't need to worry about finding people who have a skin you want. On another note: You should just be able to change your skin on the website normally. Go to https://www.classicube.net/, log in, and click your username on the top-right. You can then upload skins to your account there. If I remember correctly, it might take a while for your skin to show if you're using the web client, but it should show up after a while.
  5. My favourite letter of the color spectrum from 1-10 is cat
  6. Hi Xotiic. This isn't really the place to chat. If you want to talk to me, feel free to PM me, either on Discord or Forums. Discord is probably better for me. Not trying to be rude, just letting you know 🙂
  7. There's multiple reasons as to why your game might be crashing. If you're using the web client, then Ctrl+W (which you might end up pressing if you're using half-speed and going forwards) closes your tab, so be aware of that. If you're using the downloaded client, sometimes it can disconnect for unknown reasons, it happens to me sometimes. It could also be a result of your internet going down. But until you provide further context on this, there's not much we can do to help.
  8. You can type /os blockprops [block id] door to turn any block into a door. If you're not on an overseer map and you have access to /blockprops, you can also use the following: /blockprops level [block id] door - To turn a block into a door (on a particular map) /blockprops global [block id] door - To turn a block into a door (globally)
  9. No problem Roxas. I hope you found it helpful. PM me if you still need help 🙂
  10. Scav

    Bot help

    Bots don't have balances so they can't be paid. But if it's just for a roleplay you can just pretend to pay them by typing a message in the chat that you're paying them. You could also use the /me command to do the above.
  11. To change the color of the sky, type /os env sky [hex color]. To change the color of the clouds, type /os env clouds [hex color]. Just be aware that the sky color will blend in with the fog color at the horizon. You can also type /help os env for more information about the environment settings on your OS map. You can also directly PM me if you still need help with something 🙂
  12. I believe this message is always supposed to show up if you have access to the /alts command. However, custom$s.txt (found in the "text" folder in the server files) can be used to get rid of certain messages if you really want to. If you have access to the server's files, you could insert the following line into custom$s.txt: RoxasYTB is lately known as: Fox3000+, Fourty3000+: Once you've done that, save custom$s.txt, and reload the server by typing /server reload. This should make it so that the message gets replaced with nothing and so it won't show up altogether. Just be aware that if you join with another alt account on the same IP, then it'll no longer work, and you'll need to update custom$s.txt with the updated message to get rid of it again. If you don't have access to the server's files, you can still contact the Server's Owner and ask if they'd be willing to do this.
  13. Sorry if I'm late, and you may have already been answered by now, but I had this problem at one point too. You need to unzip the Server files out of the .zip file and move them into a separate folder.
  14. Scav

    Imageprint Command

    Not to discredit FuriousFireGIRL, but if you still need help, you can message me too if you like.
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