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  1. So what would you do with 1,000,000 Dollars? I would buy a house and Better Pc.
  2. Maybe wait for a for a few minutes.
  3. Maybe you should try logging out of your account and then logging in to see if that works I hope this works.
  4. stein38302


    What is Icr? And What does it do?
  5. How do I make it so that people cant use it?
  6. How do I disable Water and Lava?
  7. stein38302


    /model bot (Name) Chibi
  8. How do I allow Custom Models On My Server? Edit: Also How Do I Allow Coins
  9. How do I add a Plugin?
  10. How do I rename my server My server is "[MCGalaxy] Default" Please Help I Would Really Like To Rename It
  11. stein38302

    Command Help

    How do I add the Commands that are in Not Awesome 2? Cause I just made a server
  12. How Do I rename a world on my server?
  13. Happy Holidays Everyone Here are Some Dumb Memes I Found. Hope You Like Them 😄😂😋
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