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  1. This is super cool Btw I like the Sunflower
  2. What do I do if it says File not found?
  3. How can I put my current skin in block bench skins making so I can custom it?
  4. Everyone go to police_1234+ in Not Awesome 2 Police_1234 and Azrielle_2021 are having the wedding It going on right now! Hope you can come (btw Police_1234 told me to post this)
  5. Do you know someone who may know the email password? If so ask them
  6. stein38302

    Skin help

    Btw Other player can see it
  7. stein38302

    Skin help

    The /skin +(Name) is not working this is what it tells me when i do it Then is gives me a link what do I do?
  8. Here are a Few Minecraft memes I found I Hope you like them 😄
  9. I am here I will be on for another hour
  10. Ok I will check in in a hour
  11. I will help just tell me a time
  12. But I can still make a server on a chromebook right?
  13. Could this be different if I have a chromebook?
  14. Thanks this was helpful for when I make a server 😄
  15. I know i am asking for a lot, but can someone make a server that i can help make cause i can't make a server? If you wanna do it with me Just message me
  16. Ok Thanks When I try to make it it says Created a new level custom block Wood2(160) And then it invisible what do i do??
  17. Can someone give me steps for the /os lb? On Watats btw is there a way to get all of them fast? please and thanks
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