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  1. Recently, I've been hearing something about Unity acquiring a company that specifically specializes in spying on people and monetizing their data? I'd like to know more behind this, since my brother currently uses Unity hub, so me and him want to know if there are certain risks about using it, considering the news.
  2. Ooh. Those seem really cool. I remember always watching those popular youtubers play those mods and modpacks (id est, crundee craft, etc.) Mechanic/Factory-esque mods are not really my type, because I mostly play stuff that's vanilla+, and if I want to play something that's got to do with a factory, I can just load up Factorio. I really like stuff that adds more ores, more tools to navigate with, play with, waystones, etc. Stuff that makes the game more fun to explore and adventure in. That's why mods like Repurposed Structures, Biomes O' Plenty, Mo' Structures, BetterEnd and BetterNether are one of my favorites to include with any modpack that I decide to play with my friends. Transportation mods too, that's why I mentioned the portal gun, it comes from one of my favorite game series :] Agh, I so badly have been yearning to play a good modpack with the jack of all trades with anyone, it'd be so goddamn cool.
  3. My favorite one has to be the Portal Gun Mod. How 'bout yours?
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