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  1. You shouldn’t need to reply with one word. This is a forum site not a personal group chat. It’s very easy™️ to say “thank you” instead of “thanks” or when replying to a question in general.
  2. I’ll take Main Character Syndrome for 100 please
  3. Oops my bad! I’ll be sure not to 🤭
  4. Be wary of virus’. I wouldn’t recommend getting it if you don’t know what you’re doing
  5. Coding shouldn’t be required to download a file.
  6. That’s the point I’d assume, it’s meant to be a faithful remake of classic, and that’s still being developed since it isn’t completely faithful yet. Also note that the developer does this on the side as well. What else would you need in a classic remake that would keep the classic feel
  7. https://www.google.com We aren’t allowed to share pirated materials within the classicube forums. If you want it it would be preferred to do your own research
  8. That’s not a forum post, that’s a forum profile. So that means your argument is invalidated because the original topic was which forum posts were cringey
  9. Why do you still think that we are "illegally" distributing textures if you were literally given proof that we werent
  10. The steam client uses alternate textures
  11. within the downloadable client, Classicube does support sound, if you're on web there is no sound due to legal copyright reasons. So it is possible if you are using the downloadable client of Classicube (Non Steam version), in which you can toggle it by going to Options > Misc Options
  12. That doesn’t excuse what RedPCat said though does it?
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