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    Definitely Guitar Hero and Vib Ribbon. (The latter being a super underrated and obscure PS1 game, check it out because oh boy, it's fun)
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    This is such a late reply from me, apologies. dont moderate me please ;-; But goddamn it I've been waiting for this since like what? 2017. We finally fucking have it. Y a a a a y
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    I play pretty much exclusively osu! and that's pretty much everything that is on my YT channel so yeah I also make beatmaps for it which is incredibly fun πŸ˜„ This is my profile UwU (You can click the image to see my profile on the osu! website)
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    I've heard of it but never played it.
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    It will update eventually for you and your bro too, just have to be patient.
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    For a Xmas Treat, Go to Not Awesome 2 and type /goto Popstar_28 and say you're a friend of TechMooseZ27's
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    Hey does anyone know any good CTF maps? Doing it for a server I'm admin on. If you have the dropbox link that would be great! Thanks
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    WOW Android version i so cool for me it didnt crash, freeze, perform poorly, etc.
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    havent heard of vib ribbon in a long time : o
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    I forgot the password
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    Are you into racing? Then Play BigBlox Racing by TheOldPlayer08! And soon, I will add it to ClassiCube as my own game!
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    This will be very helpful for my new server. Thanks!
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    Just in case you didnt know the forums website is back up
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    I got the joke, it just wasn't funny. Also this isn't leddit.
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    I was playing on Not Awesome survival and I saw someone flying! I can't believe that someone would try to Hack this server? The Username of this Hacker was "Goodly"
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    Sounds Cool man, I dunno how that Phone stuff works but do Samsung Phones use the android OS and if so would that work on them? Also Happy Halloween
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    [Update] Among Us in na2 server! This is just an update on the Among Us minigame in na2 that Matthew132, Iron_zic, NotDerek, and Rulja are making. To see the map for yourself, go to na2 and do /g iron_zic+ Update list: 1. Finished the skeld map 2. Working on code 3. Lobby finished 4. Spaceship lobby started 5. Code figured out for killing and sabotage (More to come soon!)
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    Hey guys, I forked ClassicalSharp and added survival mode. Thus ClassiCraft has been born. So far survival is only available on PC, but I'm hoping to get it working on Android and Web as well. I'm not going to spam my site or servers, so if you're really interested in it, contact me. (Screenshot attached)
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    guitar hero is a fun game when u play it with friends :3 have u heard of rhythm heaven? the ost is nice
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    /bot add <name>
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    My skin has updated for everyone but me and my brother?
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    Step 1: Go to the Jacob_'s CTF Step 2: Get a alt Step 3:Wait Step 4: If you find a nice map you like download it or You can just build a map
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    will there ever be a server its will be like minecraft but u can hold swords and eat make houses and like heart's so when u get pushed or hurt u lose a heart but im working on trying to make a server like that do anyone have some idea's
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    i have played nothing but the car hydraulic rhythm game in gta:sa for the last 16 years
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    thy insalt people they harrass me and they so mean😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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    well yea but ima try to make it more relastic like when u fall in lava fire show's up on your screen
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    AndrewPH did not exist, but now he does! This must be a world record, miracle, new height, first contact and laser gun! Let's celebrate Andrew's new existence together, as meats humans in existence! Welcome to existence, AndrewPH!
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    hey, no need to be rude
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    hi, I just got finished writing an oauth provider into the ClassiCube website, and simultaneously got bored of maintaining the old forum code. So I've gone and made a new forum, with none of the old classic threads you know and love, but with almost all of the ease-of-posting that came with the old forums. All you need to do is slap that "Sign in with ClassiCube account" button and click 'yes, log in' to get logged in here. But Andrew, where the heck did all the old posts go? Don't worry, they're still there, right where you left them. You can access them at the same old site. Everything's just read-only, meaning you can't post or edit anything. Due to the radical change in how this forum software works vs the old handmade one, it's not really possible for me to automatically move all threads over. The idea is we (the team, or you) can copy and paste threads over as wanted. But really, why? I wrote the old forums from scratch (well, with Flask) and they were buggy and relatively poorly written because I was much more inexperienced when I wrote it. Now that I'm much more experienced at writing large applications, I don't have the drive to rewrite my poorly-written mess of a forum system. Additionally, since they're directly coupled with the rest of the site, any change I made had a chance of breaking the rest of the site for a moment. Adding new features that required database changes were iffy because I don't have a good migration system set up to perform schema modifications. It was a mess. This new system allows me to decouple the forums entirely from the site, only relying on the site for logins (which are handled via oauth, no custom wizardry!) and hosted on an entirely different system. anyway, thanks.
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    I recommend taking this up with the owner of the server, "Goodly", and having him ban this hacker.
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    Everyone go to police_1234+ in Not Awesome 2 Police_1234 and Azrielle_2021 are having the wedding It going on right now! Hope you can come (btw Police_1234 told me to post this)
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    what does this have to do with classicube?
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    Not sure what this has to do with ClassiCube but ok.
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    Same error as RealRoland, I am unsure of how to fix it on the mobile web client. Is the method the same or different?
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    New Game dis game is so hard to play but you have Super Powers and LvL and Craft and Dragon and Villager we can make a House you are Sleep Villager we can make a House 2 Day is done to make and we have Easter egg and Girf and Hobo But Free Multiplayer and Free MiniGames and You Can make a Gun 10 Guns But is So hard to make and you can make a Family Dis Game 100 MB and Is so Hard to make and Good Bye
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