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    If a fly is called a fly because it can fly, when it looses it's wings, does it become a walk? If Joe is short for Jonathan, then is Moe short for Monathan? Here's a chemistry joke, but I'll not know what reaction I'll get.
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    This person (usually known as "Pockie") is an old player and she was pretty much just trolling here. I also recommend a mute
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    Pay me one billion $AUD within the next 24 hours and I will make it happen
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    Hello all! I've added ClassiCube to the Steam Summer Sale (say that 5 times fast) so you can get it for CHEAP. Current price as of posting is 80% off! Steam version is an optional way to help support the game's financial needs, and is not required to play the game.
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    No troll posts on my thread please
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    Not to brag but no one will ever beat NA2
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