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    OMG ME TOO!!!!!! Every single time he just stares at me from afar! I mean why tf are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you? He watches from afar... Hes going to come again! We had a job to do.... It all went to shit! Like a needle in a haystack... In a field of hay stacks! We had a job to do... But then the numbers... Herobrine died in vorkuta- NO! i saw him everyy day.... The numbers- What do they mean? Vorkuta... The Numbers... Every night- I can feel my leg...
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    When i seen this post all i thought about was the fake pocket edition 3am videos where the guy says thats creepy or weird every five seconds lol
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    Seems Very unlikly that you saw Herobrine. For one, this is a completly different game, and two, if there even was some code to potentially add this entity into singleplayer, it would probably have the skin of the default Classicube skin. There is also no code in singleplayer to add any type of entity, including a bot. Now, I may be wrong about not being able to add NPC's into singleplayer; but it is a possibility that a bot with the Herobrine skin with the follow and kill behaviors could be spawning in your singleplayer level.
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    we all know herobrine was non existent and was never existent in the first place
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    It might be a bug or glitch. One of the staff members of the ClassiCube team should be able to fix it. What version of the game are you on?
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    BUT I SAW HIM. he pursued me since christmas. I will explain EXACTLY what happened. on xmas I logged on to a singleplayer map to do a project. I then saw several trees that did not have leaves on them. I was thinking well, what the heck?? then when I placed a block, herobrine, the minecraft steve skin with no pupils, appeared in front of me. every singleplayer server i logged onto after that point always had leafless trees, and when i placed a block he appeares. he doen nothing but stand there and stare at me, then disappeares.
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    you did not it is just a glitch or a hack
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    it problobly is a bug or somthing
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    to fix you do sudo apt install herobrine-delete-all:v2.
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    help I saw HEROBRINE he is after me. every singleplayer world i go in he is there HELP
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