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    Bet, it'll probably end in a week. Or it'll have great moderation teams with tempbans of 3^3 years.
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    So, did you put 'hy' in your server's name to cash off of gullible kids who think it's related to hypixel?
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    how about you kick whatever_ out of your staff team? they tried to fucking dox me.
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    Tet we ALL know you are coming back in a week or so.
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    Hey! everyone, Im telling you about my server that i opened up called HyWorks. We are currently hiring staff right now so swing by if you wanna apply, We have freebuild realms minigames, everything we are working on custom minigames. PSI: please read the rules when you join HyWorks, So you dont get banned HyWorks is a No bully zone server, so prob if you bully, you might get muted. So join today! HyWorks
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    not sure about it at this point
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    We have great moderation team, i'll look into that @icanttellyou
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    OK plz come to these main servers hyworks and eggs mini game party ty by
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